Japanese Sushi

Frank’s Japanese Feast ended with non other than Japanese Sushi. We did a mistake by removing the sushi rice from the rice cooker too soon. According to Frank, the rice has to be hot and the sushi chef will fan the rice to cool it down a bit. Nevertheless, we still asked Frank to demonstrate to us how to roll the sushi despite his unwillingness due to the mistake we made. Frank just wanted everything to be perfect.


I will not illustrate how to roll the sushi here as I had covered that in this blog. Frank’s maki roll is filled with a kind of bamboo (I will show you this ingredient later), pickled daikon, avocado, cucumber and artificial crab meat.


Winnie gave Frank a helping hand while Frank demonstrated how to make sushi roll. Winnie’s daughter loves sushi and Winnie often make it for her daughter at home.


This is the bamboo thingy I mentioned above. It came in dry form in long strands. You can find most of the Japanese ingredients which Frank used here in Izumi-Ya Japanese Market at 7971 Alderbridge Way, Richmond.


The dry bamboo has to be soaked in warm water until soft. It is then rinsed a few times until the water runs clear. After that, it is boiled in water until it expanded and soft. Dump off most of the water, leaving just a bit, add 4 tablespoons of sugar, a few dashes of mirin and soy sauce and let simmer on low until the liquid is almost evaporated and absorbed into the bamboo. The final product is sweet and has a crunchy texture.


Besides making maki roll, Frank also made some cones. For making cone, cut the seaweed into half. Fill with a thin layer of sushi rice, leaving one side of the seaweed unfilled.


Top the rice with your favourite ingredients like sprout, enoki mushroom, fish cake, prawn, etc. Roll at an angle to form a cone.


Here is one of the beautiful and healthy cone which Frank made.


I noticed that Frank would hand the cone he made to a person and insisted the person to take it. Perhaps, this is Japanese custom or maybe I’m wrong or too sensitive.


Frank also brought along some interesting mold for making sushi. Just filled the mold with rice, packed down the rice with it’s cover.


There is a removable transparent plastic sheet at the bottom of the mold which has a hole for you to push out the packed sushi rice. Little kids will love this lovely shaped sushi rice. Great for bento box for school lunch.


You can also cut out a small strip of seaweed to wrap around the molded sushi rice and garnish it with prawns, sprout, pickled seaweed, fish roe, etc.


Frank did not forget about dessert. He brought ice-cream and melon for dessert. We were all stuffed and had a most satisfying Japanese Feast.


Here’s a toast to Frank. Thank you for sharing your wonderful culture with us. You did an amazing job.

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