Open Teahouse Cocktail Night (by Pearl Drops Teahouse)

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Updated: 22nd Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed according to


Hey All,

OK … not exactly “All” All but rather All in the Greater Vancouver Area.

What are you doing on Saturday night, February 7th? Specifically from 7PM to 10PM?

I just had an invite out of the blue to attend an Open Teahouse Cocktail Night hosted by Pearl Drops Teahouse. The beauty is that they are extending the invite to all readers of Chowtimes. Touted as “Afternoon Tea Meets Cocktail Hour”, the event will include free (virgin) cocktail samplings and in-house hor’ dourves. It is free, no admission. That’s right … Free with a capital F. As a bonus there will also door prizes to be won.

We had never been to Pearl Drops Teahouse before (neither do we know the owners). From what info we received and from their website, they describe themselves as a one-of-a-kind Asian teahouse by providing modern twists on ancient beverages. Like this one below:

The “Red Lychee” is one of their several signature Tea Cocktails. The range includes names like Golden Sunset and Solar Flare which really makes me want to check them out. These beverages are made with freshly steeped high quality tea, hand squeezed lemon-lime and a garnish of exotic fruits such as kiwi, guava and kumquats … all virgin too.

Suanne and I will be going for sure. If you’re planning on attending, you may RSVP to to let them know to expect the number of people attending. It would be great if you let us know too just so we can say hi to you. Our email is or

Here are the details again:

Pearl Drops Teahouse
422 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
Saturday, February 7th
7PM to 10PM

PS: This is not a paid posting. Just thought we share the fun!

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  1. GourmetBride

    Pearl Drops Tea is one of our favorite tea places. I love that they brew their own tea for their drinks.

  2. gigi

    Pearl Drops Tea is on my list of bbtea places to try! Too bad I will be out of town that evening or I would have definitely joined you guys. 🙂

  3. Yvonne

    I love Pearl Drops! It’s my favourite (and by favourite I mean FAVOURITE) bubble tea/ tea house in BC. Their bubble tea actually has real tea in it, and not full of artificial powder. They’ve got a real nice atmosphere and some very delicate and tasty little meals/snacks. The owner is also very nice, I met him several times =) Too bad I have a big plan for Saturday night else I’d cancel anything to join =(

  4. Jessica

    Since this is in my hood, I just might make it!

  5. carolyn

    this is a nice place to have bbtea
    its not the type of bbtea you will have a richmond
    its tastes organic and fresh
    also, the tapas are great!it is not your typical asian dishes at some other bbtea places.. i love this place.

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