Cafe Loyal Asian Fast Food on Bridgeport Road, Richmond

When I was having my hair cut at a salon recently, I overheard conversations about a Hong Kong style restaurant on Bridgeport Road and No. 5 Road has good value for money (I assumed it to be Hong Kong because drink is included).


We decided to go for lunch on a Sunday. The previous tenant of this location was Casa Pinoy which was pretty good too.


As this is a fast food place, there is no table service. The menus are posted on the wall and you place your order by the menu number at the cashier and pay for the food upon placing the order.


When your food is ready, they will call your receipt number for you to pick up your food at the counter. The good thing is you do not have to pay tips as there is no table service. This restaurant accepts cash only.


I like the open kitchen concept where you can view the chef at work and the cleanliness of the kitchen.


I ordered Chicken in Thai Sauce with rice. You can have it with spaghetti too. It is just a grilled chicken chop doused with sweet chili sauce with some steamed green beans at the bottom. The meal was decent. I had hot milk tea with my meal. (more…)

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Gin’s Kitchen & Cafe on Granville Avenue in Richmond

Updated 30 Sep 2014: This restaurant is closed.

I came across another restaurant promotion in the Richmond Review recently. Since I have not eaten in the fairly new restaurant in Richmond, the coupon just gives me the excuse to visit it.


The coupon is for “Get one free bubble tea with purchase of any dine in meal”. It’s not valid with lunch special and combo special as below.


You can click on the menu for a larger view.


Gin’s Kitchen & Cafe is located at a corner where Golden Sea City Seafood Restaurant on Granville Avenue is. The restaurant is obscured from view due to the big signage of the Golden Sea City Seafood Restaurant right above the restaurant.

Parking is a problem is this strip mall as the parking lot is not very big. I was surprised that I can find parking easily on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps, a lot of Richmondites are away on vacation during the spring break.


The restaurant is lighted in some purplish lighting. Straight away, I knew the photos may not turn out well since I only brought my point and shoot and not my SLR. As the parking lot is not busy, so is the restaurant.


The boys ordered something from the Special Combo which comes with a drink. They have Chocolate Bubble Tea and Mocha Bubble Tea respectively. I had a Coffee Bubble Tea using the coupon. All the drinks did not come … (more…)

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