Solly’s Bagelry on East 7th Ave, Vancouver

Polly and I ventured down Main St. Vancouver to look for a place for cake meet. There are several places in our list to check out which located along Main St. The first one we went to was Shaktea on East 21st Ave but unfortunately it’s only open at 11:00 am and we were there before 10:00 am. So, we went to the next place on our list which is Caffe Rustic Italiano on East 16th Ave. We did not stay because Caffe Rustic Italiano only carries cookies and biscotti. So, we turned around to check out Re-Entry Espresso but with no luck as there is not much desserts to choose from. As our car was parked just outside Solly’s Bagelry, we decided to go in to check out this little store which was tucked away from the Main St.


Solly’s Bagelry is located at 368 East 7th Ave. To our surprise, they have some very appetizing looking cinnamon buns. So, we decided to settle at Solly’s for our cake meet.


Polly and I had Cafe Latte and Cappuccino for our drinks. They cost $3.15 each and came in a large cup.


Solly’s specialty seems to be the cinnamon bun. I saw many customers have the cinnamon bun and they ate by hand, unlike us eating with fork and knife. The cinnamon bun is made of very thin layer of dough filled with cinnamon and brown sugar and I guessed that’s why many customers eat with their hands; peeling off layer by layer and licking their fingers after each bite. The cinnamon bun costs $2.75.


Our next item to share is the Apple Strudel Slice which also costs $2.75. It is fresh apples pieces and raisins baked in a thin dough. This is also rich in cinnamon as in apple pie.


Our last item is a Banana Chocolate Cake which is more like a banana cake topped with chocolate chip crumbs. It’s not too bad but does not stand out. This piece also costs $2.75.


The total bill came to $15.28.

After we had paid for our orders, we just realized that Solly’s had a bagel station which has lots of topping to choose from. Too bad we had ordered 3 items or else we would have try one of their bagel. Anyway, when we were about to leave around lunch time, we saw the bagels at our neighboring table and they looked really good.

Solly’s does have a good flow of customers. Besides that, there are many enlarged photos on the wall for sale. They were taken by Solly Markovitch who I assumed is the owner of the store. The photos are mostly taken in Europe and they cost from $100 to $150 a piece.

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  1. Stephanie in Vcr

    Yeah- I thought I made the best cinnamon buns… until I had these. They are unreal.

  2. AL Asian

    Those cinnamon buns look good…really good.

  3. Karen

    These are the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had. It’s been 6 years. I think about them often <3

  4. ilikefood

    it’s west 7th like it says on their website

  5. Lammy

    Solly’s was named after the owner’s son-so I guess that ‘Solly Markovitch’ is that young 20-something who took the photos…

  6. Marike

    Hmm, I swear the photo looks like the one on Main and East 27th Ave.

    I love their knish (pastries filled with mash potatoes and mushrooms/spiniach/etc).

  7. Lisa

    That photo is from their other location at 189 East 28th. Ave. The one on E.7th looks nothing like this. They must have switched cash machines from their other store.

    When you were eating were you in a residential area? If you said yes then you were at the East 28th. Ave. location. If you saw a bunch of big box stores like Home Depot, Save on Foods and Canadian Tire then you were eating at the East 7th. location.

  8. McMick

    You should try their rugelach, blintzes, knish and their chocolate babka buns. HEAVEN.

  9. grayelf

    My favourite thing at Solly’s is the chocolate babke CAKE (yup, its a giant babke). I used to like their lemon cakes too but I haven’t seen them for ages.

    Regarding bagels, for me the winner in town is Siegel’s (particularly the one on Cornwall). It is most like the bagels I had in Montreal. I like how they are open and baking 24 hours, and the rock salt and rosemary one is a little exotic. But the classic sesame seed is great too.

  10. clay braziller

    The location on east 28th has moved, so DONT GO THERE, it is now at 4071 Main Street, which is basically around the corner and down two blocks.

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