Conveyor Belt Sushi

This is so cool … so awesome. I simply have to share this with you chowtimes readers.

I came across this YouTube video on Ed Lau’s Ed.Edition blog. He blogs about all things “awesome” and I subscribe to his feed … you should too!

By the way, I know of only one Sushi place in Vancouver that has Conveyor Belt Sushi. It was a long time ago but that one I went to was in Metrotown upstairs from where the Chapters and McDonalds is. Anyone know the name of that place? Anyone know if there are other places which has Conveyor Belt Sushi?

Enjoy this:


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  1. Phil

    The 2 places I know of in downtown Vancouver with conveyor belt sushi are Ichiban on Thurlow and Tsunami on Robson, of the 2 Tsunami is way better.

  2. anna

    The YouTube video was an interesting take on how sushi on a conveyor belt would view us eaters. LOL. Thanks for the post Ben!

  3. Jessica

    The first place that I remember doing the “conveyor belt” was Shu Sha Ya – the chain AYCE restaurant (horrible sushi!). Tsunami on robson also did it. Nice video. Japanese people are fascinating.

  4. LotusRapper

    Hi Ben,

    The Metrotown conveyor sushi place is called Taisho, probably one of the WORST AYCE (or regular) sushi restaurants I’ve been to, period. It’s the butt of jokes around our office. Really awful, don’t wander in there, ok ?

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