The Edge Social Grille and Lounge on Granville, Vancouver

Friday is my favourite day of the week.  That is day out — with our boys blessings.  Nanzaro and Arkensen is at the age when they are just glad to get rid of us from the house.

A couple of Fridays ago, Suanne and I decided to go for a movie.  As much as we could do the movie in Richmond, we decided to go downtown and at the same time check out the new restaurant we had walked past several times the past months.


We came across The Edge because we often parked along Granville Street.  Parking was (is?) free because I think of the road constructions the city were making.  I don’t think this will be free for long … but until they start collecting for parking, we will always park here when we are in downtown.

The Edge is new.  It is about maybe 1-2 months new.  Located at the intersection with Helmcken St along Granville St, the Edge lies smack in the midst of the Granville Entertainment District.  This section of Granville St had undergone a lot of changes the past year and I like the changes I see.

The Edge is actually located at the ground floor of the Best Western Chateau Granville which makes me think that The Edge will get many tourist type customers.


We were surprised how big The Edge was.  We can see that they have all sorts of seating configurations.  We were asked if we wanted to sit by the dining area, the lounge or at the outside patio.  We decided to take the dining area although the plush seats at the lounge was kind of inviting.  We were here to eat.

As plush as this place is, there was something here that was so unexpected.  We could hear the cloud clanking of stir frying wok from where we sat!


Service was great.  Our waitress was chatty.  She thought we were tourists because we had a camera with us.  She asked where we are from.  We were evasive and said “around and what about you?”.  She went on to tell us she is Australian and how she had been all over the world working and had just came to Vancouver.  When she said that I was thinking that perhaps people are starting to turn up in Vancouver to work part-time leading to the Olympics.  You reckon?

I said I wanted a light beer and was given a Coors Light.  (yeah, yeah, yeah … too much foam I know).  Hey, is this the beer where the color of the mountain on the label turns blue if it is cold enough.  I saw it on the TV commercial several times already.  I tried to warm up the label by rubbing it but it stayed blue.

Oh even with “light” beer, my face gets all red.  Tell me … why is that so?  You think with “training” I could get less red over time?

On to food …


We ordered their Stove Oven Flatbread.  They had several types on the menu.  Not really knowing what we wanted, we opted for the first one on the list.  Restaurants usually out their best on the top of the menu.  It was a good choice.

We had the Okanagan Goat Cheese, Provolone, Asparagus, Wild Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions ($14).


We both love this.  Overall it had a very well balanced mild taste with the goat cheese giving a pronounced contrast.  This looked simple to make even at home (nudge, nudge, Suanne).

What I like is the absence of tomato.  It’s not that I don’t like tomato.  It is just that the absence of it makes this different to me.  My brain thinks “pizza” but the ingredients are not the common pizza type.  I just wish that this is bigger — like a medium pizza at least — because we chomped down on this very fast.


It appears that The Edge had a section on their menu for Asian food.  That explains the clankings of the Wok we heard.  They call this the “Pow Woks” on their menu.

So we ordered the Hokkien Noodles.  It turned out to be more like Chow Mein.  But then I guess there are confusion over the term Hokkien Noodle because there are so many types.  All these are also known as Hokkien Noodles:

Singapore style (from Prima Taste)
Singapore style (from Prima Taste)
Kuala Lumpur style (from Grab Your Fork)
Kuala Lumpur style (from Grab Your Fork)
Penang style (from Travel Guide Malaysia)
Penang style (from Travel Guide Malaysia)

We expected it to look like the second picture above but The Edge makes it differently. The Edge’s version uses thin noodles and has a little spiciness in it. Actually I find that they have too much ingredients and lacking in noodles. It is also too wet for my liking.  This is $14.


The bill came in under $40 before tips.  Overall, we had a good time here.  The service was excellent.  We love the flatbread but the Hokkien Noodles was not what we expected.

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  1. Jennyjen

    Looks great!! I’ve walked by The Edge several times lately, and after seeing this I will definitely have to check it out.

  2. Kevin

    That pizza is loaded with toppings!

    I’m not sure if you can “train” yourself but you can sure build up a tolerance. I have. Want to drink beer sometime? 😛

    1. Kristina

      No, unfortunately you can’t train yourself to stop turning red when you drink. People who turn red are deficient in the enzyme aldehyde dehydrogenase which is involved in the metabolism of alcohol. It’s very common in asians since it’s genetic.

      And the food looks yummy! I’m a big fan of your blog – especially since I originally hail from Richmond as well!

  3. Sally

    Hey Ben,

    I too get red when I drink, however when I take a peptid AC it seems to lessen the effect. It actually works quite well; you should try it. I’ve also heard that allergy pills work too.

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