Dinner at Tsim Chai Noodles, Richmond

Ben was craving for a Cantonese meal. He picked Tsim Chai Noodles for dinner.


Free daily soup; pork with green carrot and regular carrot.


Spinach with roasted garlic, egg white, salted egg and century egg which is one of Ben’s favourite vegetable dish. A large serving for $11.25.


Leather Jacket fish with ginger and green onion. Nanzaro enjoyed the fish which does not a lot of tiny bones. This is $12.75.


Another Ben’s favourite dish; steam minced pork with salted fish, $12.75. When he ordered this dish, the server warned us that this dish will take 30 minutes to prepare.


Tsim Chai Noodle accepts cash only. The restaurant is busy. The dishes are big and pretty decent for a Cantonese meal.

Tsim Chai Noodles 沾仔記 on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Dinner at Tsim Chai Noodles, Richmond

  1. Does anyone know the history about this Steam Minced Pork with salted fish? Is it called “hum yu….”? The long-gone OnOn Café in Chinatown used to have the best steam minced pork. Is this a popular dish in Vancouver and who serves it best?

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