The Diplomat Bakery in Steveston

Updated 4 Jun 2009: Diplomat Bakery has moved to London Rd

Polly and I had resumed our cake meet since the school reopened in September. However, we cant find any new place to go to, so we had been visiting our old favourite places like Le BonBon Cafe and ll Pappagallo Cafe. If you have a favourite place of yours, please share with us as we are running out of ideas of where to go.

We discovered the Diplomat Bakery through the Richmond News Readers’ Choice Award. Even though we live in Richmond, we have never been to this bakery before.


The Diplomat Bakery is awarded with the best bakery and best cake shop and best desserts for 4 years since 2004. We had trouble locating the store because the Richmond News printed their new address on London Road which is south on No. 2 Road, near the Dyke. The Diplomat Bakery will be moving to this new location in the middle of October.


There are quite a number of cakes, tarts, bars, pies and biscotti in the bakery. The prices ranges from $2 to $3.50 per slice.


We ordered three slices of cakes to share. The first one is a Mango Creme Cheese Cake which costs $3.50 per slice. This cake has a very strong mango flavour which is balanced by a light creme in between layers of cake.


This second slice is a European Cheese Cake. I like this cheese cake because it is light and has a light fruity flavour. This slice also costs $3.50.


Since we already ordered two slices of cheese cake, we ordered an Espresso Chocolate Fudge cake for a change. This slice is very chocolaty and rich and only costs $2.


I’m glad that we found Diplomat Bakery and we will certainly come back again. We’ll be visiting their new location then.

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  1. Bumbleboo

    Hi! I’m a fellow Vancouverite and I just recently came upon this blog and am so glad to see a food blog based in Vancouver! Anyways, I am in love with cheesecake and wonder if you’ve tried Cheesecake etc. at 7th and Granville. In my opinion, it is one of the best cheesecake places in Vancouver. Give it a try!

  2. Jessica

    If you’re ever in the kits area there’s a cake place (I forget the name!) on Broadway and Alma in the plaza with Le Petit Spa. I had the most amazing chocolate cake ever there and the mochas are yummy too!

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