Pastry Club Dessert Cafe on W 41st Ave, Vancouver

Updated: 24th Nov 2014; This restaurant is closed according to

When Joanne recommended the Pastry Club Dessert Cafe to me, I thought it sounds familiar.  Upon checking my list of places to go for cake meet, apparently it was on top of my list.  What a coincidence.  So, without further delay, Polly and I went to check out the Pastry Club Dessert Cafe in Kerisdale.  They are close on Sunday and the rest of the days, they are opened from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.


Parking seems to be a problem here.  The servers keep watching out for the parking meter enforcer and we overheard them saying that the parking meter enforcer comes to check the meter everyday.  So, make sure you feed the meter if you park your car in this area.


Pastry Club Dessert Cafe is a small cozy neighborhood type of cafe.  It has 9 tables that serve 2 each.  During our visit there, we noticed that the servers know everyone of her customers except me and Polly.  When a server came to serve a customer seated next to our table, she predicted what the customer is going to order and said to the customer “something never change”.  That shows that the server really knows the customer well and the customer is a regular.


Polly and I were there quite early i.e. way before lunch time.  So, we ordered our regular coffees and desserts from the counter buffet.  Polly had latte while I opted for a stronger cappuccino.  The small coffees cost $2.95 each.


There is only one type of cheesecake that day which is Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake.  A slice costs $4.25.  It has a thick layer of chocolate topping which is not too hard as we experienced at some other places.   This certainly satisfy our crave for cheese cake.


Our second item is a Blueberry Puff which costs only $1.85.


It has a scrumptious blueberry filing.  We love this flaky puff and you must try it if you are here.


The above is a Very Berry Yogurt.  It is very light and tastes very fruity.  It is topped with a strawberry and white chocolate slices.  This piece costs $.3.95.


We also had a few cookies to nibble on.  They are the Card Cookie, Almond Ring and Citrus Bar.  Each costs 0.75.  The total bill only came to $20.  This is a place that we will come back again.  Joanne, thanks for the recommendation.

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  1. lululu

    I’ve been there a lot of times as I used to live in Kerrisdale.
    I love their fruit mini-tart!!!! Oh, you’ve just made me miss it!

  2. Winnie

    Thanks! I will sure visit this soon. My parents live in that area. So this is the area where I usually meet up with my sister and have tea/dessert. Guess I just never walk far west enough to find this place. ^_^

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