Yavis Club Cheesecake in Union Square, Richmond

It is great working four-day weeks for the rest of the year.

Well, my company is now forcing every employee to clear their accumulated vacation days by the end of the year, saying that if we don’t use it, we will lose it. I used to bring forward 2-3 weeks of accumulated leave every year. So in the effort to clear the days, I decided to take Fridays off for the last 7 weeks of the year.

I did not realize that Fridays are also Suanne’s Cake Meet day with Polly. Suanne was so sweet and decided to spend Fridays with me. So, to make it up to her, I told her I will be her Cake Meet date and we could go to visit the restaurants that are opened in the afternoon and evenings.


We went to Yavis Club which we heard so much of their cheesecakes. The Yavis Club is located in the Union Square (along Capstan Way) in Richmond.

Yavis Club is opened from 6PM to late on weekdays. On weekends, they open earlier at 3PM.


Nanzaro decided to tag along on our Cake Meet date. He is just bored to death at home because, well, he had been “discouraged” from playing the PS3 for some “transgressions” (to borrow the word from Tiger Woods).

The 2 year old Yavis Club is painted in a pleasant combination red, black and white with polished concrete floor. It is spacious in here but it also kind of dark.


The place is very much like a hangout for young Asian girls. We are about the only older customer there. Guys will not be seen in this kind of place if not for bringing their girlfriends here.

As for the menu, it does not have a lot of items but for each item, they have written a story behind it. The menu also described how Yavis came about and that the name is an acronym for “Young, Attractive, Verbal, Intelligent and Successful”. That acronym is based on the book “Psychotherapy: the Purchase of Friendship” by William Scofield.


Every cheesecake house is judged by how well they make their plain no-frills cheesecake. They name their cheesecake “The White Romance” ($5.25)

It was very good. It has the rich smoothness which melts in your mouth. Suanne loves this but I find it a bit too rich for my liking. It is presented with a flower made of fruity sauce outlined with chocolate.


Their other signature item is called the “Rainbow After The Dark” ($6.25). It is actually not a cheesecake in the true sense but instead it is … more of an ice-cream. The menu said that this is created based on the personal experience and struggles that the owner went through in his life.


It is hard because it is frozen. As for the flavour, we can only pick out the top layer of 5 layers which is mango.


Nanzaro had the Chocolate Paradise ($5.25). The top layer is very soft and smooth — very much like mousse. Unlike the White Romance, this one is light. Nanzaro rated this 10 out of 10.


Yavis Club accepts cash only. I am not crazy over cheesecakes unlike Suanne. She likes the Yavis Club but I find that the stories part was overdone.

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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    Wow, pricey but exceedingly pretty! I think I would like all of them. Rainbow sounds particularly interesting but so many flavors coupled together sounds weird. But maybe it just might work all together :).

  2. Elaine

    LMAO I hate their rainbow one! I don’t know why everyone loves it but I hate it. Other than that it’s a good place to go when I am craving for cheesecake and Cheese Etc. is a bit too far =)

  3. yvonne

    i havenèt tried this place but THE Place for cheesecake is cafe de waraku! i guarnatee you will love it! go for the lavender cheesecake. i donèt think ièll try yavis because i love waraku.

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