Richmond Community Kitchens Potluck 2009

Several of the Richmond Community Kitchens gather to celebrate the end of the 2009 session. We had a lot of food from the participants as usual.


We had a good spread of food from noodles, soup, salad, finger foods and lots of desserts.


It took us a while to get the group photo taken as more people arrived after the initial group photo.


Here are the food in detail. Minoo made an Indian sweets called Burfi. It is made with sweetened condensed milk, non-sweetened grated coconut, chopped Pistachio and cardamom. The ingredients are mix together and cook on the stove on low heat for 10 minutes and roll into balls. The Burfi is then coated in grated coconut.


Lorna made a big platter of salad of potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, apple, pear, seedless grapes, artificial crab meat and water melon seeds. The salad is seasoned with miracle whip. Lorna decorated the platter with some beautifully crafted cucumber blossoms.


Tanni made some crispy baked tofu puff at the kitchen. This is so simple to make. Just bake the tofu puff on a greased baking sheet at a 450F preheated oven for 10 minutes turning once.


I made Lychee jelly.


Betty made a savory rice cake seasoned with soy sauce, garlic and sugar. Betty garnished the rice cake with some sweetened dried cranberries and cilantro. The rice cake is made with 1 portion of rice flour with 2 1/2 portions of water and steam for 25 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center of the rice cake comes out dry.


Ava made an apple streusel cake.


Macy made some sausage hash which is good for breakfast or brunch.


Noriko fried some noodles with cabbage and pork.


AI made some Inari Sushi which is very flavourful. AI is Noriko’s friend and she was just introduced to the Richmond Community Kitchen by Noriko.


Ella and son are new to the Richmond Community Kitchen too. This is the first time they attended the kitchen. Ella brought some walnut cookie balls to share.


Peggy made a sea-weed soup with dried scallop. This is just perfect for the cold and wet day like today.


Carla made some lentil balls and a spicy sauce for dipping. Carla also brought some of her home-made beads accessories and managed to sell a few to the attendees.


Winnie made the above deep fried sea-weed rolls. The rolls are filled with a mixture of pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoot and carrot. They are delicious.

It was a successful potluck and we wish everyone a blessed Christmas and we look forward to meet again in January.

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  1. Melody Fury

    Wow what a feast ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the simplicity + thought behind each dish.

  2. etranger

    No recipes…

    Even recipes without pictures would be great. Lychee Jelly, deep fried seaweed roll, lentil balls, burfi, seaweed soup, salad with watermelon seeds?, tofu puffs, inari — I don’t know how to make these. I’ll have to search your recipes to see if they are up there.

    The rest look great, too but I can probably make a guess! In the US, the walnut cookies are known as Mexican Wedding cookies. We usually have them at Christmas, not weddings, (but they are good any time).

  3. Mas

    Any way I can join this group?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Mas: Everyone is welcomed. I am going to send you an email right after this with Minoo’s contact number. Minoo is the kitchen coordinator and will be able to provide you with the details. I can try my best to help too if you have any questions.

  4. Emily

    I went to the community kitchen club today, it was so great. Everyone was so nice and especially thanks to Minoo and Suanne for helping me out to join this club. i’m a shy and quiet person, joining this club can helping me to keep a connection with the community and meeting more friends, if anyone just like me who is interested in this club, you are welcomed to join The Community Kitchen Club.

    1. Ben

      After all these years I had never been to the RCK before. This is because Suanne had NEVER invited me. Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Marike

    I would seriously love to join too, but the meeting times look like they are middle of the day?

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