Taste and Learn About Filipino Cuisine — For Free

Remember I told you two weeks ago in my Weekend Musings that There is Such a Thing Called Free Lunch? Well, here is the plan.

We had known Rey almost a year already. When we met, he was working in promoting the Filipino culture through raising awareness. Being a foodie too he brought us to Filipino restaurants and introduced us to Filipino cuisines.

Suanne and I always enjoyed learning about food and its associated culture. So we looked forward all the time to meet with Rey to learn from him.

Well, you can too … and believe it or not, FOR FREE!!

Crispy Pata from Pinpin Restaurant on Fraser

There is no catch, no selling of anything — so you don’t have to worry about this arrangement. It’s a long story how Rey end up with free lunches but he has quite a bit to use up. So Rey thought he might as well share it with chowtimes’ readers. What he wants to do it to promote Filipino culture and Filipino food. For Suanne and I we thought it would be another great idea to provide value to you readers and get to know some of you more.

Here is the arrangements:

Restaurant: Goto King
Address: 5183 Joyce Street, Vancouver (google map)
Date: March 6th, 2010 (Saturday) at 12:00 noon

Yeah, that is this coming Saturday. So time is a bit tight to arrange things (all thanks to my procrastination due to the Olympics!). Location wise, it is perfect because it is just next to the Joyce Skytrain station for those of you who don’t drive.

Pancit from Little Ongpin in Richmond
Pancit from Little Ongpin in Richmond

If you are interested, … please send me an email (ben@chowtimes.com). When you send me your email, please indicate if it is for one or two people (sorry, not more than two people). In the event that there are more than 8 people in total responding, we will make a random draw. Please only send me an email only if you can make it for the lunch on that day. We will have spaces for only 8 people.

Please respond by 6AM Wednesday, March 3rd because I would like to finalize the arrangements with the attendees.

I had never been to Goto King before. I heard that it is part of the Goto King chain in the Phillipines. In Vancouver, Goto King is operated by Cucina Manila next door. We want to let you know that Goto King is NOT gourmet food but serves day-to-day Filipino food. So don’t come expecting linens and such but do come expecting to learn a thing or two about Filipino culture and meet fellow foodies.

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  1. jonnek

    This is great. I love the food from Goto King. I enjoyed my first visit there. The place is actually very convenient being only a very short walk away from the Joyce street skytrain station.

    Hey, it’s free food and you don’t have to line up for hours for it. It’s a great opportunity to showcase Filipino foods. Hat’s off to you and Rey for doing this.

    1. Ben

      Hi Jonnek: I was counting on you to come. Would you be able to make it? Ben

  2. jonnek

    Hi Ben, I would love to come. Hey its free food and you know I’m cheap. 🙂 But I’m already familiar with Filipino foods being a Filipino-Chinese myself. I don’t want to take up another space that can be better enjoyed by a newcomer to Filipino foods. Thanks for the invite though.

    1. sabrina

      what did your kids do at the olympics closing ceremony?

      1. Ben

        Arkensen and Nanzaro were with the initial group of kids in white with the snowboard. Grrrr … CTV did not broadcast MOST of their performance because they showed commercials over it. The boys were still fuming over that when they saw the re-run on TV last night.

        1. koji

          you should have watched some of the nbc broadcast as well, they showed a bit more of that…..only a bit more. i too was disappointed that the closing ceremony was not broadcast uninterrupted, or at least with better timing for transition.

  3. sabrina

    would have been nice to see them on tv

  4. PinoyGourmet

    The invitation is to give insights into British Columbia s 3rd largest visibile minority community,We are about 100,000 to 120,000 in BC But suprisingly our community is a low profile one,I wanted to share a bit of our food culture.

  5. Nancy

    Thanks for the invite. Its really close to home so I think I will need to bring hubs with me too. Besides Lumpia, Shanghai, Pancit..I really have limited experience with the cuisine. I look forward to trying more yummy treats.

  6. Jonnek

    Pinoygorumet, do you operate a Filipino restaurant? Are you related to Cucina manila?

  7. PinoyGourmet

    No,I dontoperate one and I have never operated one But I have been a frequent food traveler in Asia especially China,Korea and Singapore and have been involved in a Japanese Restaurant and Italian Pizza Fast Food Franchise and Middle Eastern Restaurant overseas.I dont have any shares in Cucina Manila.But I know the owners and with 4 Restaurants in BC and more coming,they are the most successful of the Filipino Restaurant owners.I have also written as a food critic for a lifestyle magazine overseas.I have had some wonderful Dinners and lunches because of this in the past.My most memorable a lunch hosted by Genting Casino where they fed us so many special dishes,We rang up a bill of 2,000$ US for the 3 of us fully hosted of course

    1. Ben

      Hi PinoyGourmet:
      You sure know how to live it up … $2000 for three people? That would be THE meal of a lifetime for me. I would love to listen to that adventure from you one of these days. Anyway, thanks again so much for so unselfishly sharing with chowtimes readers this lunch.

  8. Eric

    Hi Ben, if you ever swing by Coquitlam, try out Kulinarya (Filipino Eatery). My wife and I find it pretty decent, based upon our 2 limited vists.

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