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ChowtimesNoWord32x32This post is written based on samples provided by Danone Canada.

Danone contacted us if we would like to have samples. This was several weeks ago and it is only now we got a chance to sit down to write about it. We said sure, we certainly don’t mind samples especially when Danone Canada is also willing to provide samples to our readers. More about the free sample below.


The package came really nicely gift wrapped. First thing I noticed about the box when I got home from work was — it was girly!

At a glance, I thought that Suanne ordered a box full of Victoria Secret lingerie. LOL! That was wishful thinking.


Instead it was yogurts. There were so much of it that we were wondering how on earth we are going to finish this.


The packaging was obviously targeted at women. But I did not care … I like yogurt.

I took the opportunity to setup my little studio in the attempt to take pro-like shots. You know how much the entire studio cost me to take these shots?

It was only 50 cents. I just got a white cardboard from the dollar store. That was all I used.


The pictures are not bright enough right? Some of you guys must really help me out here. You must really put in a good word for me to Suanne. I really want … no, I mean I really NEED to get some pro lighting equipment. Leave a encouraging comment on this post for Suanne for me?

Anyway, back to the yogurt, did you notice that the name SatisfAction is spell with an A in the middle. This is so high-tech, huh?

There are … four delicious flavours:

  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry-Blueberry and Muesli
  • Peach-Mango
  • Red fruit and Muesli


They actually taste very good and has substantial real fruits in it. That is why Danone is saying that this fat-free yogurt is innovative and unlike others. It has a breakthrough formula of milk protein and fibre that helps “women” (strange, why not men) control their appetite and feel fuller longer.

So I brought a few to the office for snack. Of course, I made sure no one caught me holding a pink container. It actually was useful in fighting hunger pangs especially when meetings encroach into lunch time.


Here is the nutritional info if you care about these things.

How many of you guys do actually read these labels. I do but the only thing that made any sense to me is the calories.


We got quite a number of the free sample coupons. Danone Canada is quite generous and is giving a pack of six away in each coupon. You want to give it a try? Just send an email to with a mailing address. Oh … please don’t leave your mailing address on the comment column here because the whole world will know where you live.

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  1. Casey

    I’m not a daily yogurt eater but that looks great right there!

    For some photo tips, buy 2 foamcore white boards. You can easily get those at lumos, opus, or staples. Put them against each other in an L shape for a backdrop and white bottom to place your products. You don’t need expensive lights at all! Go to IKEA and get their flexible lights (make sure they’re all warm fluorescent lights not the white kind) and shine it towards your products left and right diagonally on a 45 degree angle towards the product. The diagonal affect helps lessen even out the shadows behind the product, and also really illuminates the front of the item. It always creates an even lighting, and you can never go wrong.

  2. Casey

    I meant to say Loomis =p.

    If you really think that doesn’t work get an external flash for your camera (unless you already have it). Photography doesn’t have to be expensive, just have to find alternatives that does just as good of a job. I use a lot of those techniques at home too and in studio.

    1. Ben

      Thanks for the pointers Casey. I got a question … I wanted a smooth background but wouldn’t putting two boards in a L angle makes the joint visible? Do you have a picture to show me? Ben

      1. Casey

        Funny enough I actually wrote about a DIY photo studio thing a while back!

        Just another tip, don’t put the backdrop foamcore on top of the bottom one, because that just makes the line visible. If you tuck it behind the other board into 90degree angle and blast the light at it, the “bokeh” from your lens will blast the line away making it pretty much non-existant.

      2. sami

        hi ben!

        sorry to just jump in here… but if you’re photographing something small, what i do sometimes instead of the two pieces of foam board, is use a big piece of white paper and curve it against the wall so that it’s seamlessly white from floor to wall. if you want to do a bigger set up, you just get bigger paper. ^^;; this obviously won’t work for every size project, but it’s something you can play with to see if you like it.

  3. trisha

    yummy…. i love yogurt! too bad my favourite is only in the usa

  4. Elaine

    Is it available in stores yet? Maybe I will go get some. I like yogurts with lots of real fruit pieces in it.

  5. Ryan

    How does the taste compare to Danactive?

  6. Shirl

    You can also go to Photoshop and play with the curves option until the image is better.

    Looks yummy though! I would like to try it!

  7. dee

    Hey Ben, I signed up for some Danone thing on BzzAgent, so I think I’ll be getting some free yogurt too! I like yogurt as well hehe.

    As for pro lighting.. I’ve gotten away with a home made lightbox for about $5-10 and then $20 or so for flood lights. I made a tutorial on my other site (which I’m too lazy to post on now). I’ve used it to take some product pictures for a client, and also for fun and for friends.. here’s the link if you want to see:

  8. shu

    the packaging aside, I like the info list as shown. For me, it still comes across as having a fair amount of sugar. Less would be more to my liking… I DO like that they aren’t using “pretend” sugars!

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