Ebisu Japanese Restaurant on No 3 Rd and Ackroyd Rd, Richmond

Polly and I went to the Ebisu Japanese Restaurant for lunch during the Olympic weeks as we do not want to go to Vancouver with all the restricted parking. It’s kind of hard to find new dessert places too. Recommendations are most welcome. The only requirement is that it must open for breakfast or lunch at least.


The Ebisu Japanese Restaurant in Richmond is located in the Ackroyd Mall. There are two other Ebisu in Vancouver, Ebisu on Robson and another at West Broadway.


What brought me to Ebisu in Richmond is the above advertisement. I wanted to try their Izakaya items. But, unfortunately, the above are only available at dinner time. What a bummer.


Luckily, they have the lunch special going during our visits. It’s $2.88 per item, minimum order of 3 per person. Polly and I opted for the lunch special since they are light tapas.


Ebisu has clean lines and spacious setting. We were there at 11:30 am when they just open for lunch and I managed to take a photo without the crowd. It was quite full during lunch time. Most of them look like office workers. Service is prompt but not rush.


We ordered the miso soup for 50cents extra. The miso soup has generous amount of tofu and green onions. Just right for the rainy winter day when we were there.


We started off with Sesame Seaweed for appetizer. Love the crunchiness of the seaweed and the mild sesame flavour.


Next, we had the Chikuwa Cheese which is fish cake filled with cheese and deep fried. The melting cheese adds richness to the lightly crunchy fish cake. You have to eat this immediately when served.


The Prawn and Vegetable Tempura came with …2 prawns and a piece of zucchini, carrot and green pepper. I simply enjoy tempura with the crunchy coating.


Although I’m not a fan of sushi, we just have to order a roll in a Japanese restaurant. We had Chopped Scallop Roll which came in 6 pieces.


For filler, we had the Chicken Teriyaki Don. It was quite a decent serving.


The last item we had from the lunch special was Thunder Fries. It is nicely presented in a tall glass or vase and served with mayonnaise. Polly and I love yam fries.


How can a cake meet end without a dessert? We ordered the Match Green Tea Cheesecake which is $5.25. It is a sponge cake top with creamy green tea cheesecake layered with red bean Azuki. The cake is really small and I guess that’s why they plated it with some kiwi. It took quite a while for the order to come.


The bill came up to $25 which is quite a deal.


Click on the menu above to have a better view.

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  1. Marike

    There’s a great little bakery in Burnaby called Haru (8685 10th Ave, Burnaby, BC). I believe the chef is a young japanese woman. Amazing cakes and croissants!

    The only downside is I don’t think they have tables inside for you to sit. What you could do is go the one of the coffee shops nearby in the same stip mall, buy a drink, and sit outside on a nice day.

    Great place to get desserts for a house party. 🙂

    1. suanne

      Hi Marike, thank you for the recommendations. Will try to check out Haru on a warmer spring day.

  2. Canido

    there is an amazing Mexican bakery/shop right next to Bo Laksa which you have to go! It’s between Bo Laksa and the pizza place. It opens from 11am-7pm.

    I am a die-hard dessert fan, and this one takes a special spot in my tummy! They have lots of stuff which contains “Dulce de leche” or caramel, it’s to die for. Their “three milk” cake is very delicious~~

    1. Ben

      Hi Canido: I hope they open on a Sunday. You are like the fifth person who told me about this place. I think we better take this recommendation seriously! Ben

  3. trisha

    i’ve never seen green pepper tempura! everything looks delicious and i love that they serve yam fries. great menu, hopefully i can make it out there someday.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Patty, the panini place looks good for a light lunch. Thank you for your recommendation.

  4. Dave

    Whoa, that lunch deal looks really good at $2.88 per item. I must try that.

    The sauce that goes with the Thunder Fries is different than what was served at Ebisu Robson though.

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