McDonalds New Buttermilk Biscuits — Have One On Us

Did anyone of you get one of the free Buttermilk Biscuits from McDonalds on Wednesday and Thursday?


If you missed that free giveaway, this is being extended but only on chowtimes. McDonalds Canada has so kindly given us a few dozen of Be Our Guest cards to be distributed to chowtimes readers. So you don’t have the fight the crowd and enjoy this at your own time.

Since we had so many, this is how we will be doing this. I will … post a series of trivia questions below and the first person who answers ONE of the question correctly will get two Buttermilk Biscuits mailed to you. To be fair to all, you can answer all of the questions but we will only consider your FIRST correct answer. The trivia questions will be in beige-grey boxes and are numbered. To answer the question, just leave your answer in the comment box below.

Even with all the trivia questions answered, we will still have LOTS of Be Our Guest cards left. So if you don’t want to answer the trivia questions, you can just email your mailing address and we will send you a couple of the cards. This will be on a Β first come first serve basis.

Whatever you do, please do NOT post your mailing address on chowtimes, unless you want everyone to know where you live. πŸ™‚


I went to get one of the Buttermilk Biscuits on Wednesday, the first day of the giveaway.

I go to work very early because I work on the Eastern Time Zone and GMT hours. Yeah, I go to work when all of you are still fast asleep. So, I dropped by one of the McDonalds on the way to work to pick one up to try.

Question 1: I went to the outlet above. Can you name the outlet?
Update: This question was answered correctly by DylanK. This outlet is on Ironwood Mall

I drive past this outlet on the way to work everyday. And near this McDonald outlet, there is also a Tim Hortons. Usually I see the Tim Hortons outlet lined with cars on the drive through where people picks up a cup of coffee on the early drive to work.

That day it was so different. The Tim Hortons drive through had only one car in line while the McDonalds parking lot was full.


No strings attached. That is what the promotion said. I was wondering how much this two day promo must have cost McDonalds.

So I got myself a Sausage N Egg Buttermilk Biscuit.

Question 2: There are three versions of Buttermilk Biscuits. What are they?
Update: LotusRapper answered this question correctly. The third version is simply the Buttermilk Biscuit with Strawberry Jam.

The question above is a tough one I think. Let’s see who is a smart cookie … or rather smart biscuit. LOL!

At a glance this looks like a McMuffin or a McGriddle. It has that “bun” and a meat patty with egg and cheese.

I am not sure but I think the difference between the McGriddle/McMuffin with the Buttermilk Biscuit is the egg. I think McDonalds use real cracked eggs in the McGriddle and McMuffin. Here the egg is like the scrambled and folded type.

I remember the Most Powerful Chef in The World personally told me that McDonalds uses real eggs in McMuffin. So with this version, I think these eggs came partly cooked or something like that.


It does look very good and it does look like how they depicted it in the advertisements. I am sure you had Big Mac which does not quite resemble the delicious looking McMac in the posters, like this.

Question 3: Where is the FIRST McDonald outlet in Canada?
Update: Maggie answered this question correctly. The answer is No 3 Road and Granville in Richmond

I was wondering why McDonald did not name the Buttermilk Biscuit something like McBiscuit like they do with most of their products on the menu.

I saw that the Buttermilk Biscuits are $2.59 on the menu which is not too bad. It is quite a fullΒ hearty breakfast for me for one who usually have light breakfasts.Β I think there are about 500 calories in this sandwich.

Question 4: Is the Buttermilk Biscuits more expensive, cheaper or same price as the McMuffin?
Update: Christine answered this question correctly. The answer is the Buttermilk Biscuits costs the same as McMuffin,


The buttermilk biscuitΒ is light and fluffly. Everyone will notice that it is also very crumbly as it breaks apart if you grip with the just a slightest of pressure.

It also smells good. The butteriness is evident in the smell and also the greasiness on the bun. It is real buttermilk and McDonalds said that they bake it fresh everyday.


I popped over to the McDonalds in Metrotown just across the street from my office and see how the line is like. Gosh, it was really long.

I estimated that there must be at least 120-150 people waiting in line to get the Buttermilk Biscuits. The line was so long it spilled out to the corridor.

I think the breakfast and lunch business near every McDonalds in town was somewhat affected that day with all the people going for the free sandwich.

Grant was smart. He told me that he did not even line up to get one. He went to the side of the counter and just grab one from the handful there! I think because of the chaos he just took one that is meant for other customers. LOL! This guy is going to make it in life. πŸ™‚


So there you go … we have a lot to give away. Once all the Be Our Guest cards are all accounted for we will post a message below so that you can stop sending in your request!

Updated: 12 Feb, 8:00 A.M.: all the coupons had been accounted for already, in fact more that we can full fill. Thank you for all who had responded. We will mail out the coupon according to first come first serve basis.

Oh one more thing … we will only mail the Be Our Guest cards to Canadian addresses only.

Have fun!

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    1. Ben

      Hi Maggie: you got question #3 correct. Can you send an email to with a mailing address? πŸ™‚

  1. Alfreda

    Answer to Question 2: Sausage, Sausage & Egg, Bacon & Egg
    Answer to Question 3: The first McDonald outlet in Canada opened in Richmond, B.C.

    1. Ben

      Hi Alfreda: Sorry, answer to question #2 is not correct and question #3 was first correctly answered by Maggie. Try again! Ben

  2. DylanLK

    I’m not super interested in buttermilk biscuits but… I think I know that McDonalds: Steveston Highway and No 5 Rd, Ironwood Mall, right?

    1. Ben

      Hi DylanK: LOL! You got question #1 correct. I’ll mail you the coupons if you email an address to mail to. You want it or you want to hang on until McDonalds have a Xinjiang version someday. πŸ™‚ Ben

  3. Christine

    Question 2: Bacon and Egg, Sausage and Egg, Ham?

    1. Ben

      Hi Christine: Try again … I know question #2 is a tough one. You will only know about it if you go to a McDonald outlet and pay real close attention to the board. Ben

      1. Christine

        LOL!!!! I asked my dad just now and he only remembered 2 of them……but for Question 4, I believe its the same price?

        1. Ben

          Hi Christine: You got it correct to question #4. Could you email with a mailing address? Thanks! Ben

  4. Diana

    Question 2: sausage n’ egg biscuit, bacon n’ egg biscuit, and just plain sausage biscuit.

    1. Ben

      Hi Diana: Sorry wrong answer. Try again.

  5. Emily

    Hi Ben,

    Great idea!!!….umm…i’m not sure but is question 4: More expensive than Mcmuffin

    1. Ben

      Hi Emily: Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again. πŸ™‚

  6. David

    Question 2: Like what Alfreda said, Sausage & Egg, Bacon & Egg, and Sausage Only.

    I work at McDonalds so I kinda know that those 3 are the right ones because those 3 are the ones that show up on the McDonalds Cashier Till, unless you count the 3rd one as “biscuit only”.

    1. Ben

      Hi David: you are close with question #2 but not quite. Let’s give you an hint. It is for vegetarians. Ben

      1. Vivian

        Hi Ben,

        Question 4: Sausage and Egg, Bacon and Egg and Egg only?

        1. Ben

          Hi Vivian: That is for Sausage N Egg or the Bacon N Egg. The two main offerings.

  7. Alfreda

    Answer to Question 4: If it’s just the biscuit itself, it’s cheaper.

    1. Ben

      Hi Alfreda … nope. The question is about the normal Sausage N Egg or the Bacon N Egg Buttermilk Biscuits. πŸ™‚

  8. Steven

    Question 2: Sausage and Egg, bacon and egg, and plain egg?

    1. Ben

      Hi Steve: Sorry wrong answer.

  9. David

    Haha, for Question 4, I think I don’t pay attention to the menu board too much. I believe it is the same price, but it depends on what McMuffin you’re getting (with egg or without).

    1. Ben

      Hi David: Sorry … Christine beat you to the correct answer to question #4 by mere seconds. LOL!

  10. LotusRapper

    OK, I’ll play πŸ˜€

    Question 1: I went to the outlet above. Can you name the outlet?
    [LR]: Easy ! The one at Ironwood Mall (5 Rd/Steveston Hwy).

    Question 2: There are three versions of Buttermilk Biscuits. What are they?
    [LR]: 1) Sausage, egg and cheese; 2) Bacon, egg and cheese; or 3) just with Sausage (part of Value Picks). There is a “4th” option ….. on its own with strawberry jam.

    Question 3: Where is the FIRST McDonald outlet in Canada?
    [LR]: #3 Road @ Granville in Richmond. It opened in June 1967 and was the first McDonald’s ever outside of the United States.

    Question 4: Is the Buttermilk Biscuits more expensive, cheaper or same price as the McMuffin?

    I think the Sausage McMuffin (no egg) is cheaper, but the Sausage/Bacon/Ham and Egg McMuffins are more than the Buttermilk Biscuits (@ $2.69). Since I don’t eat McDonald’s other than the soft yogurt cone, I have no idea on their food pricing.

    1. Ben

      Hi LotusRapper: I’ll give you for the question #2. The third version of the Buttermilk Biscuit is the plain biscuit with strawberry jam. Ben

  11. David

    Question 2: Sausage & Egg, Bacon & Egg, Egg & Biscuit Only?

    I need to check up on the breakfast menu again. πŸ™

    1. Ben

      LOL! Sorry again David. πŸ™‚

  12. Vivian

    opps srry for spamming

    Hi Ben,

    Question 2 (not 4): Sausage and Egg, Bacon and Egg and Egg only LOL!!!

    1. Ben

      OMG, this is all confusing! LOL! Sorry Question #2 and #4 was answer correctly already. I better go update the post right now!

  13. Ben

    Oh Gosh. That was fast and furious. I’ve closed the questions already. If you want still want the coupons, just email Suanne. We’ll distribute the rest till it runs out.


  14. Alfreda

    Haha, I give up. : P

    I love reading your blogs! Thanks for typing up all the reviews for the many restaurants you & Suanne go to. : )

  15. Twins

    Question 2: Hehe, my sis and I hope we get this right! Sooo, there are actually four kinds of buttermilk biscuits! Sausage ‘n egg biscuit, sausage biscuit, bacon ‘n egg biscuit, and buttermilk biscuit! πŸ˜€

  16. Twins

    Oh LOL, woopsies! I didn’t realize it was already answered!

    1. Ben

      Hi Twins: Yeah, it’s closed. You are fast … just not fast enough. LOL! Ben

  17. LotusRapper

    I bet in all of Chowtimes history, there’s never been another thread that generated so many responses in so little time !

    1. Ben

      LOL! Yeah, I think you are right. Never again will I pull this stunt. Before I could respond to one, two replies popped up. πŸ™‚ Ben

  18. Crispy Lechon

    Thats actually what happened to me. I was waiting for my order of free sandwich and coffee when someone just grabbed it as soon as the sandwich was placed on the counter. He even took my coffee, that $*@&%(@ bastard. Grrrr. Good thing the cashier remembered me and replaced my order. I actually like the McBiscuit. Do you know that you can ask for the cracked egg in your McBiscuit instead of the scrambled one? I think the scrambled egg has other non-egg ingredients in it.

    1. Ben

      Hi Crispy: Sorry to hear that happened to you. LOL! I guess free stuff brings out the animal in many of us. BTW, you used the name McBiscuit. I don’t think McD uses that name for the product and I think it is related to trademark disputes. Ben

  19. el_lobo_solo

    The McBiscuit always meant vacation or road trip in the US. Happy it’s finally here. I still look forward to Popeye’s version of the biscuit (drizzled with honey) everytime I’m stateside. Even schleped out to Coquitlam a couple of times when Popeye’s was there to buy them by the dozen.

    1. LotusRapper

      BM biscuits, corn bread, beans & rice, corn, fried chicken, BBQ pulled pork, BBQ ribs and brisket ……… the best of stateside eatin’ πŸ˜€

    2. Ben

      Hi el_lobo_solo: Not related to McDonalds … has the Joyce Way convenience store started their food counter venture yet? I remember the lady (forgot her name again) telling me she wants to start something in February in the spot vacated by Bo Laksa. Ben

      1. el_lobo_solo

        I still see the BLK space used as storage. I’ll try to pop in later today and ask what’s happening. On a rainy day like this, I miss having laksa nearby.

        1. el_lobo_solo

          Sounds like they still have to do a lot of cleaning and clear out about a 1/3 of the store where they plan on having tables.

          1. Ben

            Hi El Lobo Solo: Thanks for checking that out. Wow, they are going to clear out more shelves to make space for tables? I guess then they are going to make it bigger than Bo was last time. Ben

  20. joyluckclub

    shucks…go out for dinner and miss all the fun………too bad so sad eh?
    usually get to read chowtimes as soon as there is a new post….
    you snooze you looze :-0)

  21. Kevin

    I feel like I’ve turned my back on McDonalds because I didn’t post anything, even after repeated emails from them.. but then again, there’s never an obligation, but just a strong hint from them.

    I did say it just doesn’t flow with my site and I’m not comfortable posting about I do restaurants that I visit, and I don’t want to post just news releases.

    Ah well, stick with what I feel. πŸ™‚

    1. Ben

      Hi Kevin: I hope I am reading you correct. That’s right. Stick to what you feel like doing best and better for everyone refrain from passing judgment on which blogger is doing what. Just enjoy posting what you want … at the end of the day that is what matters. Some sites do feel OK with cut and paste news releases and it should just be what the site wants to do. If people likes news releases, they will go to that site. If people doesn’t like news releases, they will refrain from visiting it. Simple. Right? πŸ™‚ Ben

  22. Lissa

    Oops my bad. I just emailed Suanne before I read the whole post. Sorry about that

  23. Eliza

    this reminds me so much of the timmy ho’s breakfast sandwich!
    i haven’t tried it yet… but i feel like i might just fall in love with it =

  24. Julie

    I was actually surprised that the new McDonald’s Buttermilk Biscuits tasted quite good. It was more of cross between biscuit and scone.

  25. etranger

    Fresh cracked eggs as found on McMuffins are called round eggs by the kids who cook them. The folded eggs are made of pasteurized scrambled eggs that come in a large carton. There isn’t anything bad in it.

    So on the advice of my kids’ friends who work there, ask for your Biscuit with a round egg.

    Biscuits and English muffins are common, but the bread in a McGriddle is a maple flavored pancake hybrid that is unique to McD’s.

  26. Ryan

    I had one on a road trip back from Mt Washington and enjoyed it enough to have two !

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