The Top Vancouver Area Food Blog of January 2011

Every since we created and started maintaining the blogroll of all Vancouver Area food blogs, we have at our disposal quite a database of the blogs. Believe it or not, there is a total of 121 blogs that writes about restaurants.

So with the blogroll along with the use of a couple of tools, we are able to quickly pull data out from the feeds of the blogs and put together some interesting stats of the state of food blogs in Vancouver.


I don’t think it is any surprise that not every blog is active but there are five which are worthy to be mentioned for their sheer hard working in hammering out at least one post a day.

Between 84 blogs that has at least one post during January 2011, there is a staggering 803 posts.

That works out to be an average of about … GOSH … 26 posts a day. LOL!

OK, time to call out the MOST PROLIFIC Vancouver Food Blog (restaurants only) for January 2011 because these bloggers deserved to be called out for their sheer hardwork to keep all of us informed and entertained … is written by Design Girl. This is undoubtedly the most prolific blogger for the month of January 2011 … by a wide-wide margin. She had written a total of 45 posts easily surpassing the next biggest blog. That is not what is surprising. The jaw-dropper is that she churned out a total of 56 posts — almost twice a day! You see, we only counted restaurant posts for this leaderboard.
Screenshot-Food-For-BuddhaFood For Buddha is written by Buddha Girl and Buddha Boy. For those of you who had the privilege to meet Buddha Girl, you will find her with a bubbly personality which is infectious. So you won’t be surprised to see how many exclamation marks in the posts … like this!!!!!! LOL! BB and BG is definitely the most autorative voice when it comes to Taiwanese cuisine. They had posted 37 posts in January which is A LOT!!!! Go check out their site. They had just started making videos too.
Screenshot-Follow-Me-FoodieIf ever any of the Vancouver bloggers who will one day end up with a food show on TV, it will be Mijune of Follow Me Foodie. She is all glamour and most publicly visible blogger. And she writes the most longest blog of all. Her posts are very detailed. She had just launched a professionally produced vlog on her blog which everyone should take a look at. What I can’t understand is how she stay so slim because she does have some serious binge eating in some of her posts. LOL!
Screenshot-Shermans-Food-AdventuresEveryone knows Sherman. Everyone loves Sherman for his fun, tongue in cheek commentaries. Sherman is the steadiest blogger … contantly churning out one blog post a day. Without fail and always on the dot at midnight everyday. Also an active hockey goalie, he has abundance of energy. I don’t know how he juggles work, blog, hockey, being a dad and most important eating at the same time. Does he have time to sleep? 🙂 Sherman is a pioneer of the Vancouver blog scene.
Screenshot-Vancouver-Street-EatsJames and Amy is the people behind theVancouver Street Eats. They burst into the blogosphere when Vancouver started the street food program last year. Dedicated to all restaurants on wheels, this site had carve out a niche of their own. With the burgeoning street food program, I can see that this site will grow from strength to strength over the years.

The five blogs above belong to the 30-posts club for January 2011. I think they all deserve recognition for all the dedicated and hard work knowing that they are not doing this for money but are driven by pure passion for food.

Hehehe … please don’t be surprised. Chowtimes is #13 on the most number of posts with just a mere 19 posts (restaurant only) in January. You see, I keep telling you all that we don’t eat out as much as you think we do. It just feel like chowtimes has a lot of posts. We don’t. 🙂

Anyway, I hope you take sometime going into each of the top blogs above and tell them how much their work is appreciated. It’s the least we can do. I know they will like that.

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  1. DesignGirl

    Wow! I am clearly insane for posting so much in a month. I had no idea! Thats probably why I gained so much weight..hehehe

    I really love how both you and Susanne are so supportive of all the new food bloggers! Your comments really give me motivation to keep eating and reviewing!

    We should totally meet one day!

    1. Ben

      Hi DesignGirl: Yeah, Suanne and I would love to meet you one of these days. Hope you could join us in one of the dinners we organize once in a while. Anyway, great job with the new template. You are creative and your blog is aesthetically pleasing. Ben

      1. DesignGirl

        I was so sad I missed the last one!!! So, I started reading RSS feeds to keep up.
        Hopefully I will be at the next one. I wouldn’t want to be at home feeling sad and looking at everyones amazing tweets again.

  2. Doug

    I’ve read over 30 blogs a day including your top five and I have to say Chowtimes is my favorite food blog. The other food blogs are the same and repetitive. You don’t just blog about restaurant and food, you would write things that no other food bloggers dare to talk about. You’re not afraid to post what your thinking about and I salute you for being open minded!

    1. mo

      I agree with you, Doug.

      I also noticed that some popular female food bloggers are pretty faces, which helps bringing visitors back 🙂 … (that is why I can never be a successful food blogger lol)

      Don’t worry ben, I visit your blog for your humour, you’re not just a pretty face. =D

    2. Buddha Girl

      Yes…Doug…we admit…we are one of those “repetitive” ones…hehehehe…

      And yes, I agree, Ben touches on areas many of us don’t…he’s very observant and detailed…good job Ben!

    3. Ben

      Thanks Doug. I had always appreciated all your support! 🙂 Ben

    4. joyluckclub

      me too!!!

      I love reading the comments from Chowtimers. Ben can spark some pretty entertaining conversations!

  3. Elaine

    I don’t even know how these people find time to update so much LMAO takes a lot of dedication!

      1. Elaine

        Sister you are talking to me who played Scrabble for my whole reading break =___=

        1. Buddha Girl

          OMG! You had the whole reading break to update! LOL! More lazy during the break huh? I see you on facebook and playing scrabble on your phone, thru your facebook pictures! LOL!

          This is funny, we’re using Chowtimes to communicate when I have you on Facebook, AND I have your cell # too! LOL!

          Ok, text you now!

    1. DesignGirl

      I blame the iphone and it’s 3g capabilities!
      Plus, I’m always in lecture catching up on blog posts and reading rss feeds.

      1. agingteen

        lol, same here! especially with my morning classes all I do is read food blogs and hope lunch rolls around soon.

        1. Elaine

          LMAO I read other people’s blog posts and write my own blog posts when I am in class…

  4. Buddha Girl

    Thank you Ben for the shout out! Yes! I love exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehehe!

    1. Ben

      Well deserved, Buddha Girl. For all the hard work and long hours sitting in front of the computer, the world need to recognize all your effort. You have a very unique style of your own and it is your strength too … build on that and forget what others do. To me it is OK to repeat writing about the same restaurants. Most important thing is to enjoy your writing. Keep up the enthusiasm!!!!!!! 🙂

      1. Crispy Lechon

        I totally agree with you Ben. Foodforbuddha is one of my favorite food blogs. Buddhagirl’s bubbly personality is reflected well in their blog. And boy, she really doesnt pull her punches when writing on meals that are substandard. Keep up the good work Buddhagirl and Buddhaboy!!

        1. Buddha Girl

          3Q3Q3Q Crispy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          I know, at times, even Buddha Boy thought I am quite harsh on my posts for substandard food…I really tried to be nicer about it…but I have not yet been able to find nicer words…hahaha! I am so mean!!!

          (I gave you the same # of exclamation marks as Uncle Ben.)

      2. Buddha Girl

        3Q3Q3Q Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blushing* ^_^

        P.S. Yes…I do spend a bit too much time in front of the computer…hahaha! I am addicted!!!

  5. Crispy Lechon

    Another good measurement of a blog’s success is its longetivity. I have seen a number of good blogs that after a while get neglected. I can’t really blame the bloggers because they are just doing it just for their love of food. They dont really get compensated for their time and money spent eating out. I’d be curious to see how many active blogs out there that are 3 to 5 yrs old or older. I think Chowtimes is one of the older ones.

    1. Elaine

      That’s true Lechon…hahaha I don’t even know if I can make it to a year!

    2. LotusRapper

      That’s why he’s “Uncle Ben” 😉

      1. Buddha Girl

        Yups! And we are “Baby Buddhas”…hahahahaha!

    3. Buddha Girl

      Agree. We really don’t know how long we’ll last too…hehehehe!

    4. joyluckclub

      Definitely… being a newbie in the blogging scene, I think about this all the time….how long am I going to be able to do this for???

      I really admire the dedication to post everyday…not sure how you guys do it 🙂

      Just don’t quit on or I will have to find a support group “food blogs anonymous” because I am seriously addicted to reading about everyone’s food adventures.

      1. LotusRapper

        “Just don’t quit on or I will have to find a support group “food blogs anonymous” because I am seriously addicted to reading about everyone’s food adventures.”

        It’s a vicarious thing for me, JLC. I read about other people’s gluttony, without the personal consequences of all those calories to me, LOL

        Kinda like watching Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives …..

  6. LotusRapper

    Congrats to Ben, Buddha Girl/Boy, Sherman and Mijune 😀 All of whom’s blogs are I regularly visit.

    I just started reading Vancouver Street Eats around Christmas time. Good stuff, I like the change of perspective (to street food).

    And I just added DesignGirl’s Foodology to my list of foodie blogs. Wow what a great piece of work there.


    1. Buddha Girl

      Dear LotusRapper,

      Thank you.

      Buddha Girl & Buddha Boy

      (When did we started being so “formal”? LOL!)

    2. DesignGirl

      Hey LotusRapper!

      I hope you enjoy reading Foodology! I’m glad you enjoy the look and feel of the site!

      – D

  7. James

    Thank you Ben! It’s great to be in such good company on your list! I visit all of the blogs mentioned, plus many more dedicated to street food culture in other cities.

    Chow Times has been an invaluable resource to me since I moved to Vancouver a few years ago. Just the other week, Amy and I went to the Fraser Park Restaurant based on what you and Buddha Girl has said about it..

    All I can say is that the German Breakfast was phenomenal and huuuuge!
    I think I’m still digesting it!!!

    1. Ben

      Hi James: Did you identify yourself to Anton? I hope you did because he is one heck of a person and he often will pile on food for you. And the beauty about Anton is that he is so open to ideas and have boundless energy. So, if you think of something to do with your site, bounce the idea off him. I know he is all ears! 🙂 Ben

      1. James

        We should’ve I guess.. Anton’s biz was bursting out the seams with enthusiastic patrons and total insanity when we arrived for Saturday brunch. My pounding post-hangover headache coupled with the bustling surroundings suggested that a morning ‘magic bullet’ was more in order. The German in me appreciated the hardy textures and robust flavour of a traditional breakfast as a cure-all for the sins of the night before.

        Love the place and would love to meet the man behind it.

        Will do so next time when I’m not using a fantastic traditional breakfast as a replacement for Advil and an ample helping of H20.


        1. Ben

          Oh BTW, congratulations for being in the Vancouver street food program panel! I can think of no other blogger more qualified than you and Amy. 🙂 Ben

          1. James

            Thanks Ben! We are going to approach this the best we can in an unbiased manner. Since neither of us are part of Vancouver’s tight-knit (and IMO, at times a bit pretentious and over-hyped) restaurant scene, I feel that we can do our duty objectively.

            All of us have a bias when it comes to types of food that we enjoy over others. That is where the city’s food survey comes in.

            What are your thoughts for new street food choices in the coming months?

    2. joyluckclub

      haha..BR and I went out to Fraser Park yesterday because of all the chatter on Chowtimes and Food for Buddha.
      We had a nice chat with Anton….and he kept coming to the table with tasty treats for us to sample.

      I told him who I was and it appears he’s read me too 🙂

  8. Michelle

    I love food and I love reading about food. It’s through Chowtimes that I’ve discovered other blogs also. Thankyou to Ben and Suanne….you are so welcoming to other foodies!!!!! I must admit yours’ is the one that I come back to always to read every post!!!

  9. Kiel

    Thanks for posting all of this excellent food blogs =) More great sources and reviews to see where to go for future meals!

  10. Teresa

    Definitely big kudos to you and the mentioned bloggers for your dedication in sharing your food experiences. I’ve been a long time fan of your blog way before I started blogging. Hope I get a chance to you two very soon!

    1. Ben

      Likewise Teresa. To us that is one of the best rewards of blogging … meeting people and making friends with people who shares the same interest and passion in food. Ben

  11. Wow. I didn’t even see this until now! Thank you so much for the shout out! I can’t stop laughing at your comments about everyone and me… hhahah! It’s an illusion… I feel it even if you don’t see it… 4 years of blogging and I decided to toss out the pants and stick with dresses… more forgiving 🙂 Thank you, Ben for being so supportive! Sorry I missed this post when it launched. –

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