Sun Cheong Loong (HK Style) BBQ Restaurant in Richmond

Updated: 10th Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Remember the Siu Yook (Roast) poll we put up not too long ago? That was an interesting post (see here). It tells a lot how the two Siu Yook shops (HK BBQ Master and Parker Place) in Richmond were the overwhelming favourite.

However the poll brings to fore another Richmond Siu Yook shop which we had never cared to check out. We knew of this place and had passed by it many times but we never had the urge to check it out. I guess it is because Parker Place and HK BBQ Master is just nearby and both places were excellent and more importantly consistently good.


Sun Cheung Loong is located in the same strip mall as Enjoy Cafe 1+1. This is on the Westminster Highway just a little east of No 3 Road in Richmond.

Nanzaro wanted Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice in Enjoy Cafe. It had been some time since he had it and he was harping about wanting it to his mum. Hehehe … he knows he can influence his mum but he also knows that dad is harder to move. Much harder.

Nanzaro was so insistent that he said, “just give me the money, I’ll go eat by myself and meet you later, OK?”

He was expecting No-K from me. Instead I fished out twenty bucks and said “keep the change”. End of story. Stunned him a bit. I am sure he could eat by himself if he really wanted to but I guess he is still not at that stage where he will really abandon his family and eat on his own. Not yet.


Their main dishes are on a large poster on the window. Click on the image above to show it larger. It is mostly combinations of siu yook, chicken, duck, BBQ pork and a few side dishes. It did … look promising.


Siu Yook is something that many families will buy take-out. Mostly for that simple dinner when they are too busy to cook. Quite a number of people come and order take out for the BBQ items.

Besides the usual items I just mentioned, they also have Chinese brine varieties like chicken feet, pig ears and duck wings. They are mostly $2.25 a pack. They even have vinegar pork feet at $7.50 per bowl. So this is a pretty complete Siu Mei shop.


Come to think of it, the Sun Cheong Loong may well be one of the largest Siu Yook shop in Richmond. Many Siu Yook shops does not even have a dine-in area and even if they did, it is cramped. After all Siu Yook is a no frills meal and is something you eat quickly and go.

But here they have a spacious dine-in area. It seats about 26 people.

From where we were sitting we could peek into the kitchen. And we can also smell the aroma of the BBQ. It seems like they roast and BBQ their meat in store. I was wondering if they just do retail here or if they also supply to other restaurants given their not so small setup.


The food is served with disposable cutleries and platings. Of course we prefer proper plates and metal cutleries but then this is quite common in Siu Yook shops.

The Roasted Duck Rice Noodle Soup ($5.50) was Suanne’s order. The duck tasted OK but it is just a tad too fatty. The skin was just too soft too. The noodles was served in a light soup which does not have much of a taste. Most of the flavour came from the roast duck.

Yeah, we had tasted much better ones.


Although I wanted more types of meat, I decided be the purist and order just the Roasted Pork on Rice ($6.75). Moreover, Nanzaro already “choped” The Works. I better not mess with him because he is still grumbling “why do you always have to blog?” 🙂

Word of the Day – “Chope”. This is not pronounced as “Chop-pee” but “choop”. Yeah, rhymes with “jhup” but does not carry the same meaning. Want to learn more? See here.


The Roast Pork is not good. It is dry and way too salty for me. It is definitely no comparison to Parker Place or HK BBQ Master. Maybe it is their off day. I don’t know. Maybe we went at a off-peak time when the roast pork had been sitting there for hours already.

But no good. I did not like it even one bit even though I did finish them all.

Their Siu Yook is made like HK BBQ Master’s — they roast it by the slab.


The saving grace? It is the Rice with Soy Sauce Jhap™.

BTW, for now, I am using the word Jhap™ until I sort out some trademark issues with the word “jhup”. I am right in the middle of tussle for the rights to use the word “jhup”.


Nanzaro, being the wronged party, had the right to first pick. He choose the one  with the most combinations in a dish. This should be called “The Works”. It has BBQ Pork, BBQ Duck and Roasted Pork on Rice ($8.40).

Out of the three items, Nanzaro said that likes the duck best.


It was not surprising he said that the duck was the best. The Siu Yook was dry and salty and the BBQ Pork was not much better. At least it was not salty but it is actually tough and dry.


Have a closer look at the BBQ Duck. You can see how fatty it is. Some people likes it that way and we do like fat under the skin too. But just not so fatty.


We had side dishes too. The Soup of the Day was just $1.50. They told us that it is MSG free.


The Green Vegetables was $4.00. It is Blanched Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce. The vegetables are short and we find it slightly overcooked too that it was too soft to the bite.


Their prices are quite OK. $26 for three person is just about as cheap as a meal can get for three people these days.

Do you find that dining out is more expensive lately? I am not sure but maybe it’s because our boys are bigger eaters now but the food budget increases every month. It is rare that we spend lesser than a previous month.


Anyway, the above is their take out menu. Click on it if you want to show it larger.

Sun Cheong Loong on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Friday to Wednesday: 10:30AM to 8:00PM

Close on Thursday

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  1. LotusRapper

    Hmm, I had a v. decent plate of BBQ pork and siu yook/roast pork there on rice. I stumbled upon them by accident, 20 mins before closing time. They were friendly and nice, with quick service. Crispy Lechon can back me up on it as I was mentioning this place in a different thread but had no idea what they’re called and he found it for me (!).

    Maybe I was really hungry and tired that night and was simply looking for some good comfort food.

    BTW, HK BBQ Master is closed on either Tue or Wed of each week, does anyone know which day ?

      1. LotusRapper

        Thx !!

  2. Kai

    Dining out is of course more expensive these days, it’s 7% more at the very least.

  3. Franklin

    Any recommendations for Siu App Lai? Surprisingly not very common here …

    1. Ben

      Hi Franklin: What does the “Lai” in Siu Aap Lai mean?

      1. Winnie

        Lai is the short for “Lai fun” which is the spaghetti shaped rice noodle. (similar name is used for “Hor” for “Hor fun” the flat rice noodle)

      2. Franklin

        Thnx, Winnie. ‘瀨粉’. Here’s the baidu reference:

        I think it’s just similar to the noodle you had. It’s just surprising to me, in a city such as Vancouver I have to ask around for lai fun lol.

    2. neige.tyro

      gam kok yuen in chinatown? (sounds really wierd)

    3. joyluckclub

      Golden Sea City on St. Albans in Richmond, really is a divey (read..grungy) dim sum restaurant.
      Food is not the best, but for the money it’s OK and portions are big. Go around the lunch hour for the biggest and freshest selection.

      They have roast duck lai fun on the lunch special menu for either $2.95 or $3.95 everyday…..really!!! for an average size bowl!
      for the $ it’s alright.

    4. LotusRapper

      Hon’s Noodle House.

  4. Franklin

    @joyluckclub : would you say it’s better or worse than the one in Parker Place food court? I’m looking for a good one.

    @LotusRapper : that completely escaped me since there’s no more in Richmond. I’ll give it a try sometime when I’m near one. Thanks.

    1. joyluckclub

      probably about the same…it’s not amazing as I mentioned…but adequate when you consider it’s really cheap…

      No. 9 also has lai fun and I don’t mind their Sui App…again, not the best but OK

      I wonder if Master Hung on Garden City has lai fun on their menu. I haven’t been for a while, but can will check it out in the next few days and report back…I quite like their Sui App.

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