Chengdu Spicy Restaurant on Alexandra Road, Richmond

Arkensen and Nanzaro were on study break in the last week of February. We went out for lunch after running some errands.


We wanted to check out the new restaurant which took over Hollywood Steak House but the parking lot was full. So, we went over to Alexandra Road as plan B. We turned in to the parking lot where Old Buddies Seafood Restaurant is and the only parking spot left was reserved to Chengdu Spicy Restaurant. Chengdu Spicy Restaurant’s predecessor was Cheung’s Chiu Chow Restaurant.


The interior looks the same except the wall was decorated with posters of Chengdu dishes.


A free appetizer of spicy cabbages was served together with Chinese tea.


We ordered some light dishes for lunch. I had Chengdu House Special Tan Tan Noddle for $6.99. It is mild spicy with a nutty flavour. There were some minced meat topping the noodles.


Arkensen does not like spicy food. So, I ordered a Twice Cooked Pork Fried Rice for him. It has some crispy twice cooked pork and the rice was not soggy. Not bad for $6.99.


Nanzaro ordered a Chicken with Chili pepper Noodle. I tasted the broth which not very spicy initially but it became really spicy when the broth hits the throat. It was alright for Nanzaro as he loves spicy food.


Chengdu Spicy Restaurant only accepts debit and credit card for bill above $50.

Chengdu Spicy Menu (1)Chengdu Spicy Menu (4)Chengdu Spicy Menu (3)Chengdu Spicy Menu (2)

You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

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