Ramen Sanpachi on West Broadway, Vancouver

Polly and I visited Ramen Sanpachi on West Broadway for our cake meet. Since Ramen Sanpachi only opens for lunch at 11:30 am, we had plenty of time to pass. We spent more than an hour at the Chapters at Granville and Broadway, browsing books.


The reason we picked Ramen Sanpachi because we saw their promotion in the Klip magazine. During the week that we went, they were offering a 50% off for Yatai Ramen and 30% off for a few other ramen like Miso, Shoyu, Shio and Spicy Ramen.


The above is their lunch menu. They are mostly ramen with some side orders. You may click on the menu to view larger.




The above are their dinner menu which has much more varieties like vegetarian, salad, oyster, sashami, rolls, seafood, meat, hotpot and dessert.  We noticed that they have half size ramen after 5:00 PM for $6.95. The menu is clickable for clearer view.


Ramen Sanpachi has a narrow setup. There are booth seats which line both sides of the walls. Ramen Sanpachi has a bar that serves sake.


We ordered the Yatai Ramen … since it has 50% discount. It’s regular price is $8.95. When we asked the server what is Yatai Ramen, she told us it is a ramen without vegetables. It has a mild broth. It is described as traditional Japanese ramen stand flavour. The bowl of Yatai Ramen has char siu, wood ear, bamboo shoot, seaweed, naturo (fish cake) and some kind of bread (the piece that sits right to the spoon) as we were told. We like the ramen which is al-dante and springy.


We also ordered a Spicy Ramen to try. The regular price for this is $8.95. The broth is made with miso and spicy sauce. It is thicker soup base. This is not spicy to us but it is really salty.


The Spicy Ramen has all the fixing like the Yatai Ramen except the seaweed. In addition to that, it also has onion and bean sprout. We felt that this bowl of ramen is much bigger than the Yatai Ramen with the additional vegetables in it.


We had orange and pineapple juice to quench our thirst after drinking the broth from the ramen. The drinks are $1.85 each.


The discounted prices are certainly very attractive. They do accept credit cards.

Ramen Sanpachi (Broadway) on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Monday to Friday: 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM; 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Saturday: 11:30 AM to 12:00 AM
Sunday: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM

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  1. Willow

    Wow, awesome prices! I love the variety of their menu too. I always look for vegetarian items and they can be hard to find. The vegetarian page is great.

    And did you mean you were browsing for books at Chapters, not Staples? 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hi Willow: Yeah must be Chapters. I remember that place. The Starbucks inside Chapters was where I had my FIRST job interview which was kind of weird. LOL! I ended up landing that job I was interviewed for. I thought it was a scam or something but it turned out to be a great job. Ben

  2. LotusRapper

    “We spent more than an hour at the Staples at Granville and Broadway, browsing books.”

    Staples sells books ?

    1. Suanne

      Hi LotusRapper, it’s my mistake, it should be Chapters instead of Staples. I had corrected the post. Suanne

  3. LotusRapper

    Arghhh, I didn’t read your post above, Ben. Sorry ! I’m sure you meant to say Chapters (but it makes sense that one associates “staples” with books …. well, magazines at least)

    1. mo

      you also didn’t read who posted it… hehehe 😛

  4. Janice

    Wow, I have to agree that those prices are reallllly attractive. I need to go to Daiso and grab some of those Klip magazines!!

    1. Ben

      Hi Janice: We love to read the Klip magazines although it is largely Japanese. It simply has the glossiest pictures bar none. But frankly, the restaurant dishes all look better than they really are. We had been to some of the restaurants before. Me thinks it’s all the good work of a good photographer. Anyway, did you know that they have an online version of their magazine too? http://www.klipmagazine.com/en/flip/klip/index.html Ben

      1. Janice

        I checked the online one and couldn’t find the coupon 🙁 I went to Daiso on Sunday and it wasn’t there either! Boo! I think it was from the previous issue. There are some interesting places with 10% off coupons but nothing as hot as this deal! oh well 🙁

        1. Ben

          Hi Janice:

          Here is the list of locations that you can pick up the KLIP Magazine: http://www.klipmagazine.com/list.pdf

          There are almost 200 locations within Metro Vancouver with the main location being Daiso and Kobiniya. Take a scan on the list and maybe you can keep an out for them in those locations too. I noticed that the glossy magazines are gone very fast and sometimes we can’t find it on Daiso too.


          1. Ben

            Oh it seems like KLIP Magazine might also deliver to companies with more than 5 employees (but not to households). You can apply for the free delivery using this form: http://www.klipmagazine.com/deliver.pdf Ben

  5. Donna

    My brother heard Sanpachi’s soups were salty but we were in the neighbourhood one day and tried them anyways for lunch. The decor was nice. We really liked the al dente ramen noodles but felt there was too much onion in the soup and the miso broth was too salty. Too bad we didn’t have a discount like you ;o)

  6. Bill Barilko

    I took some out of towners to the Broadway Sanpachi last month-we had a mixed dinner of Sushi items and Ramen.

    Everything was great my friends don’t get to try that sort of thing very often and were overjoyed at how tasty everything was.

    Service was good and the pacing as well couldn’t ask for more.

    I don’t know how well they’ll do on that stretch of Broadway though there’s a limited amount of foot traffic not like downtown.

  7. Jenny

    So their ramen isn’t bad… if not a little salty. It was lacking on the spice front, though? That’s a little disappointing! But at least the noodles were well done… Sometimes I find that they always end up getting overcooked because the broth itself is too hot!

    I wonder if they do dishes – aside from ramen – well? I’d probably want to give some of the nabe dishes a go… 🙂 I’ve never heard of Klip magazines?! Where can you get them?

    1. Ben

      Hi Jenny: We pick up the Klip magazines from Daiso (the Japanese dollar store) in Aberdeen. They place them at the entrance. We had seen them in many Japanese restaurants too but can’t remember specifically which ones. Ben

  8. PinoyGourmet

    Hi Ben I just picked up a Klip and it has so many useful coupons if you like Japanese or Chinese influenced food.Sorry no Fries,Poutine or Burgers in Klip.I already used it to get a discount for Chocolate Fondue on Robson

  9. Eric

    When is the 50% off until?

    1. Suanne

      Hi Eric, the promotion was on the April issue and ended on 14th April.

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