Caring Place Community Kitchen Making Korean Sushi

There has been repeated requests for sushi recipe in the Caring Place Community Kitchen. So, once again, Ella stepped up to the challenge.

I will not post the recipe here as I had blogged about them before:


Besides the above, Ella also demonstrated how to make Sushi Cone or also known as Maki. This is the simpliest as you just pick your favourite ingredients and roll up a half sheet of seaweed into a cone. Participants are to make their own cone and pick the ingredients they like as Ella quoted “let you tongue speaks to you”.


In this demonstration, Ella prepared 3 types of rice, i.e. white rice (plain and seasoned with sesame oil, salt and sugar), brown rice seasoned with sesame oil, salt and sugar and a mix of brown rice and dal, also seasoned with sesame oil, salt and sugar. Ella is very creative and tries to eat healthy.


Ella called the above “nude” sushi because the rice is on the outside without a seaweed covering. This is similar to the Korean California Roll which were demonstrated in Caring Place before with variation in the ingredients.


Ella is a very organised person. She got everyone to be involved in the preparation of the ingredients first before the rolling begins.
A big thank you to Ella.

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