Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe on W 4th Ave, Vancouver

I met up with Angie of Seasaltwithfood for lunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe in Kitsilano. It was a beautiful summer day. Kitsilano is a great neighborhood with lots of shops and restaurants.


The patio is opened and is full. Vancourites just love the sun. We read that there is always a line during the lunch hour at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe. We met around 11:30 AM to beat the crowd and were able to get a table without waiting.


Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe is very colourful. The restaurant is decorated with nostalgic memorabilia and it just simply looks very busy echoing it’s business.


On the table were a bottle of Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe home made ketchup. We did not try it because none of us order fries.


Angie had tea while I had coffee. There is option of cream or milk for our drinks. Coffee and tea is $2.59 respectively. As most diners, there is free refill for the coffee.


Angie ordered The Cosmic B.L.T with fried egg. The Cosmic B.L.T is 10.99 and the fried egg is $1.05. There is a few options for the bread but I cant recall what they are. Angie commented her bread … is light and nice.


The sandwich comes with a side of soup of the day or fries or Caesar salad. Angie opted for the soup of the day which is Tomato Coriander Soup. The soup is blended but not to the extent of being creamy. Angie said it’s sourish and she can feel lots of onion bits in the soup.


As the name suggests, The Cosmic B.L.T. has bacon, lettuce and tomatoes and is served with a homemade guacamole sauce.


I ordered the Sophie’s Club House which is triple layer with oven roasted turkey breast, bacon, mayo, fresh tomato and lettuce which is $12.99. However, the server came back to tell me that they ran out of turkey already for the day.  So, I had to change my order and I ended up with Grilled Cheese and Ham which is $9.99. The choice of cheese is Jack or Cheddar or Mozarella. I opted for the Jack. The sandwich is served on a warm plate. The sandwich is light and grilled to a crisp on the outside.


My side was the Caesar Salad.


I only noticed that they had billed us wrongly when I wrote this post. Apparently, the server did not change my order and billed us for the first order which they ran out which is more expensive.  So, always check the bill before you pay for it. Angie, thank you for buying this lunch. Wish you have a great summer.

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Monday: 8:00AM to 2:30PM
Tuesday to Sunday: 8:00AM to 8:00PM

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  1. Marike

    That’s such a rip off, you are so kind to not be more upset about it.

  2. nexus

    Hey Ben,

    If you spicy & hot plus stinky tofu & such, there is a place called Boiling Point that took over half of the previous Kelong Restaurant on No. 3 Road. It is a Taiwanese joint. Lunch $8.99, rice & drink free. Had the fishball curry…will burn your tongue out on Medium hot LOL. Dinner a dollar more…stinky tofu $3.50. Clean & neat. ciao.

    1. Ben

      Hi Nexus: Oh yeah, I remember that place. I had been there before and even blogged about it too. I definitely love hot and spicy food but stinky tofu is more of a curiosity to me. It is another way of me saying I don’t like it at all. 🙂 I know, I know … stinky tofu gets better with every bite and I agree to that. It is also the attack on the nostrils and that first bite that is the hardest. Past that, it is actually enjoyable. Ben

  3. Eric

    Try their special smoked salmon benedict. Eggs were cooked to perfection, the salad could have been fresher though, but the benee’s made up for it!

  4. Teresa

    I was there this past weekend too for brunch! Luckily when I went there wasn’t the usual long lineup to get in. Have you tried their burgers..they are massive and delicious! I didn’t quite like their veggie one as the sauce they used was too sweet for my liking.

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