Hong Mi Korean Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

Updated 1st Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Polly and I chanced upon this new Korean Restaurant Hong Mi on our usual meeting. We were looking for a place for lamb hotpot since the weather is cold now and we just drove out from Lido as we were told that they dont serve lamb hotpot during lunch hour. As we pulled out from the mall where Lido is and wanted to go to Aberdeen Mall, we saw that a new Korean restaurant has taken over Kim Ga Nae (also a Korean restaurant) used to be. So, we decided to check it out.


We were told by the server that Hong Mi has just opened for a month. We like that there are pictures of Korean dishes on the windows. It’s a good way to advertise.


The restaurant is big. It is divided into two sections. The area above is for regular diner whereas the far end behind the Christmas tree is another area for hot pot. We went for the regular Korean dishes. This area alone seats about 100.


We like the menu especially the first two where the appetizers are. It is loaded with photos which made ordering much easier. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

We ordered mainly from the lunch special menu (the left most menu). The server told us that 3 items on the lunch special is on promotion now which is $4.99 per item. You can click on the lunch special menu to have a larger view. The items on promotion is L7, L10 and L14.


Something that is different here from other Korean restaurant is the chopsticks. Korean restaurant usually uses metal chopsticks which have very pointy ends. The above are more like Chinese  chopsticks.


Four banchans are served here; kimchee, beansprouts, seaweed in a sweet soy sauce and the last item is a jello like item served with soy sauce.


We found out later that the jello like banchan is made with some kind of yam. We saw the item in T&T supermarket after lunch when we went to get some groceries. Polly bought some for her kids to try.


We ordered an appetizer called Mini Bossam. It costs $9.95. It is steamed cabbage, pickled daikon and poached pork belly served with a bean sauce (ssamjang), raw garlic slices, jalapeno and a Korean fish sauce.


The way to eat the Bossam is to place a piece of the cabbage on your palm, top with a piece of the pork belly, a piece or two of the daikon, garlic and jalapeno (optional) and season with the sauces to taste. If the cabbage is big enough, you can wrap it up as a bundle or just place the whole stack of food into your mouth. The spiciness from garlic and jalapeno gives it a good kick.


We ordered all the 3 items on promotion from the lunch menu. It’s a table full of food. Polly pointed out that …Korean sure has lots of dishes to wash every meal with the banchan and sauces and all.


The first item from the lunch special that we ordered is Soft Tofu Stew. Regular price for the lunch special ranges from $8.95 to $9.95. So, the $4.95 promotion price is a good deal. This is a spicy stew made with soft tofu, mushroom, zucchini, seafood (mussel, prawn) and sometimes egg. It is not very spicy but enough heat to warm your stomach in a cold winter day.

It came with a bowl of steamed rice; so as for the next dish.


The next item we ordered is Ox Bone Soup. It is a milky, nutritious soup made with beef bone and has slices of beef in it. There is also some thinly slice omelet, potato noodles and red dates. It has a good beefy flavour. Usually when I ordered such soup in other Korean restaurant, I have to add salt to it because the soup is very bland but I do not have to add salt here.


We did not even touch the Bibimbab because we were too full already. Bibimbab is rice mixed with assorted vegetables and meat and they serve a red pepper paste on the side for this item.


We packed the leftovers to go and we had two big boxes of food to take home. Hong Mi accepts credit cards.


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  1. 4SlicesofCheese

    Does anyone know if this place is the same restaurant as Red Chicken in downtown. They share the same Chinese name but their english names are different.

    They have amazing spicy chicken with cheese I am drooling thinking about it. It would be a nice addition to Richmond if it were the same.

  2. StinkinLincoln

    The jello-like banchan is apparently cheongpomuk, which is made from mung beans. (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nokdumuk) I have only had it at Ma Dang Coul. Definitely a favourite.

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