Waves Coffee in Steveston, Richmond

Polly and I resumed our ladies meet on Friday after a long winter break. It’s great to have some time off with a girl friend for girl talks.

Arkensen was not feeling too well that morning but he insisted to go to school. I told him if he is not getting better, he should come home and call me to let me know. So, I told Polly that we should go to somewhere in Richmond in case Arkensen comes home and I can get home quickly.


We ended up going to Waves Coffee in Steveston Village. This franchise coffee house began in 2005 at the corner of West Hasting St. and Richards in downtown Vancouver. The Richmond location is located at 12231 1st Ave, Richmond. There are 2 other major coffee chains in the near vicinity like Starbucks and Blenz Coffee. Canadians sure love coffee a lot.


Surprisingly, this place is very big. It has various types of seatings like sofas, counter seatings facing the glass wall and normal table seatings. They even have a kid table with kid chairs. No wonder, there are lots of toddlers here. We also saw some seniors, workers and people having a meeting here at the comfortable sofas. They offer baked goods, sandwiches, hot and cold beverages.


Polly got herself a Belgian Hot Chocolate. You have a choice of dark, milk or white chocolate. Polly opted for the dark chocolate. A small cup costs $3.89. I got something from the African Rooibos Tea section. The small cup of  Red Tea Latte costs $3.29. My homemade Red Espresso seemed to have stronger flavour than this.


We had three baked goods to share. The first item is a Cinnamon Twist. It is very flaky and …we ate like little kids, with crumbs all over the place. The Cinnamon Twist is only $1.99.


This Low Fat Bumble Berry Muffin costs $2.25. The berry is not sourish like a lot of other berries. The texture of the muffin is rather coarse, perhaps due to the low fat factor or maybe it’s made with some whole grain flour. We wonder what are those milky bits on top of the muffin.


We save the best for last. It’s our favourite, cheesecake. This $4.49 Chocolate Cheesecake is rather small. But we like it’s hint of bitterness from the cocoa and it’s not very sweet.

The total bill came to $16.67. By the way, they have a Toonie day promotion on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a $2.99 deal for a 12oz coffee plus muffin.

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  1. Ed Lau

    You’ll find me here often. Along with Bean Around The World, this place is my office since it’s comfortable inside and they have wireless internet.

    Try the soups, they’re actually pretty good.

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