U-Enjoy in Richmond Public Market on Westminster Hwy.

Updated 1st Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

It was new year day. This time, Arkensen refused to go out since he had gone out with me the day before. So, Nanzaro and me drove out to explore if there is restaurant opened for business. We were surprised that a lot of restaurants were opened on new year day.


We decided to try the fairly new restaurant in the Richmond Public Market. I had suggested several times to the boys to go there to eat earlier but they refused to. They were skeptical about the food there.


The interior is partitioned into several sections. The partitions looked really high but it does make the place smaller than it really is. t looks better than the previous tenant as far as I remember.


The photos of the dishes pasted on the window look quite ok.


There were some daily specials on the wall, mostly appetizers. This place opens until 12:00am; so it’s a da-lang place. I asked the server about the parking after 8pm as the upper level of the Richmond Public Market will be closed. The server said customers can parked on level one or if needed, they can open the gate for customers for more parking on upper level.

We ordered from their lunch special which comes with a main dish, a side dish and a drink from $8 to $9.


Nanzaro settled with a Malaysian Satay Seafood Fried Rice after much flip flopping. The server told us that they blend the belacan themselves. It was pretty good and Nanzaro said he will come again for it.


Nanzaro’s choice for the side order was Deep Fried Chicken Wings. They used the winglet which is a more expensive part. Nanzaro said the chicken wing is peppery and he enjoyed them. His lunch special combo was $8.95.


I had the Thai style Hot and Sour Fish Fillet Vermicelli in Soup. Mine is from the A combo which is $7.95. Since it’s colder now, the soup is quite appetizing and warming. Besides fish fillet, there were tomatoes, pineapples, suey choy and enoki mushroom in it, not a lot though.


My choice of side is deep fried pumpkin (Kabocha). It was a little oily but otherwise good. My choice of drink is usually hot milk tea. It is not a strong tea.


The server noticed that I was taking notes of the dishes and she offered to give me their take out menu. On the menu, there is a coupon attached to it but I noticed that the coupon had expired. I asked the server if the coupon is still valid and she told me that it’s still valid.


U-Enjoy accepts credit card.


You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.

U-Enjoy on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

7 days a week

11:30AM to 3:00PM
5:30PM to 12:00AM

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  1. Pinoy Gourmet

    Did you enjoy your meal???Couldnt resist asking the question

    1. Suanne

      Yes, the food is decent. In fact, Nanzaro went back again for the fried rice a week later.

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