Birthday Celebration at Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant on Park Road, Richmond

Lorna invited Emily S, Mandy and I to dinner at Happy Date Bakery and Restaurant to celebrate her birthday in January.


She picked a two lobsters combo meal with 3 side dishes. The server recommended green onion and ginger lobster which goes well with a bed of “long life noodle”. Long noodles signify longevity in Chinese culture.


The side dishes which Lorna picked include the above Soy Sauce Chicken which came ginger and green onion sauce. Lorna loves the ginger sauce.


Braised bok choy with fresh bean curd sticks was the choice of our vegetable dish.


The last dish which Lorna picked was Crispy Milk with Peking style Pork Chop. We had so much food that we barely touched the pork chop.


The meal came with complementary daily soup and dessert soup. I forgot to take a photo of the daily soup. The dessert soup for the day was green bean soup. Lorna loves green bean soup so much that she had 2 bowls as Mandy gave up her bowl due to the cool nature of the soup that she cannot take.


As the dinner was a impromptu one, all of us brought a cake to celebrate Lorna’s birthday.


We had the cake after our dinner. The servers were amazed at how young Lorna look for her age and asked her what was her secret to her youthful look. Lorna was overjoyed with all her birthday cakes. Lorna, thank you for celebrating your birthday with us and we wish you good health and many more birthdays to come.

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  1. Yolanda

    Hi Suanne,

    Just wondering how much for dinner, usually you post the receipt?


    1. chowtimes

      Hi Yolanda, I’m not sure how much was that meal because Lorna treated us.

  2. Kat

    Happy belated birthday to your friend Lorna! She looks super young! Did she share her youthful secrets??

    1. chowtimes

      Thank you Kat on behalf of Lorna. Lorna said she does not use any special cosmetic or eat any special supplements. But I think her youthfulness is owed to her perspective of life. She is always happy and surrounded by friends and loving families.

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