Super Buffet on Meridian St., Bellingham, WA

Ben went to US for shopping again. This time he was looking for the Canon S100 camera. He thought it would be cheaper in US. However, both Best Buys in Bellingham and Burlington ran out of stock that day. It is a popular new toy.


When it’s time for lunch, Nanzaro insisted to have buffet which both Ben and I were reluctant to. Buffet seems to be the by gone days for us. We came across a banner of a new buffet grand opening on Meridian Street. So, for Nanzaro’s sake, we went to check it out. Apparently, this new Super Buffet took over a previous Asian buffet restaurant that we had been before.


Weekend prices are not cheap. It is $13.99 all day; which is also the weekday dinner price. Lunch on weekday is cheaper at $8.99. There were quite a lot of items to choose from; from sushi to Chinese dishes, cold seafood, salad, dessert, etc.

The above was my first plate.


Nanzaro loves the Mongolian grill here. He simply like the idea that …he can pick the ingredients and let the chef to cook for him. He had two servings of Mongolian grill.


My second plate which was mainly meat and seafood. Most of the items were ok except the one on the skewer which was very tough.


Sour and Spicy Soup which Ben shared with me.


Ben’s last plate; fruits, sushi and cold seafood.


My dessert plate of fruits, cake and cookies.


Drinks are extra charges. Supper Buffet accepts credit card.

At the end of the day, buffet does not sound too attractive to us anymore except for our growing kids. When there is too much food to choose from, we tend to over eat.

Super Buffet on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

Opens 7 days a week

Lunch: 11 am – 3:30 pm
Dinner: 4 pm: – 10 pm
Fri & Sat 11am – 11 pm

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  1. Vickie

    Planing to visit Canada soon see Uncle and Auntie. This look like nice buffet to try out. Could you show more pictures of spread of restaurant? Like counters of foods. Just asking to see how big the buffet is.

    P.S. shopping in U.S. is cheaper in many things like Ross now lot tourists shop there.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Vickie, I did not take pictures of the spread. Sorry about that.

  2. LotusRapper

    Hi Suanne, just to let you know the title above says “Supper Buffet” instead of “Super Buffet”. But it’s correct around supper time, LOL.

    Vickie: see Super Buffet’s own site for more pics and info:

    1. Suanne

      Hi LotusRapper, thank you for the correction. Not aware of the mistake until you pointed it out. I had corrected the title since.

  3. Vicki

    Very good choice on the camera. I have the S95 and it works great already. Can’t imagine how much better the S100 would be.

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