Marketplace IGA Bistro on West Broadway, Vancouver

It’s ladies’ meet again with Polly. We did not have a plan of where to go. We just drove along west Broadway to look for a place to hang out because we remembered seeing a lot of places that we can go during our way back on our previous cake meet . But now that we want to look out for a place, we just can’t find one.


We drove all the way to Vine St. before we found a place to go to. At first we wanted to go to Higher Ground Coffee House across Vine St but it was packed and a glance inside, I did not see much choice of baked goods. So, we went inside the Marketplace IGA bistro to have a peek.

Street parking is available at $1 per hour.


Marketplace IGA Bistro was not as busy and there are lots of food to choose from. Among them are baked goods, panini, bread, wraps, etc. We found a cozy corner around the corner from the counter which is slightly sunken with just a few steps of staircase. We love the cozy spot.


We were impressed by the fact that IGA even install a ram for the disabled to use this area. Good community service.


We had a Goat Cheese Bread to share. The serving is quite large. It is $3.99. The goat cheese gives it a slightly tangy taste and saltiness.  There are some … roasted red peppers and cheddar cheese too. We asked for the cheese bread to be heated up for us.


We had a short latte and cappuccino each for $1.79 each. Not bad for the price.


For dessert, we had a Lime Tart to share. It’s $1.49. The crust is a bit hard. Polly asked if the green color is from food colouring. I’m pretty sure it is as lime juice wont give it a green color.


We also had a Chocolate Tart to share. It is also $1.49. This is a bit dry’ish.


Marketplace IGA Bistro accepts credit card.

After lunch, we decided to have a walk in Granville Island since it’s a beautiful sunny winter day and it’s just nearby.


Look at what we found in the Granville Island Public Market. A pair of geese like squash.


Yet another goose looking squash. Enjoy the following photos from Granville Island.







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  1. Jean

    Interesting squash shapes! Hope to see that soon.

  2. Jayda

    What exactly is wrong with asian fusion western cuisine? As a westerner I feel often insulted when Asian people put down western food. It’s like if I went to live in China and was always putting down Asian cuisine…..

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