Gin’s Kitchen & Cafe on Granville Avenue in Richmond

Updated 30 Sep 2014: This restaurant is closed.

I came across another restaurant promotion in the Richmond Review recently. Since I have not eaten in the fairly new restaurant in Richmond, the coupon just gives me the excuse to visit it.


The coupon is for “Get one free bubble tea with purchase of any dine in meal”. It’s not valid with lunch special and combo special as below.


You can click on the menu for a larger view.


Gin’s Kitchen & Cafe is located at a corner where Golden Sea City Seafood Restaurant on Granville Avenue is. The restaurant is obscured from view due to the big signage of the Golden Sea City Seafood Restaurant right above the restaurant.

Parking is a problem is this strip mall as the parking lot is not very big. I was surprised that I can find parking easily on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps, a lot of Richmondites are away on vacation during the spring break.


The restaurant is lighted in some purplish lighting. Straight away, I knew the photos may not turn out well since I only brought my point and shoot and not my SLR. As the parking lot is not busy, so is the restaurant.


The boys ordered something from the Special Combo which comes with a drink. They have Chocolate Bubble Tea and Mocha Bubble Tea respectively. I had a Coffee Bubble Tea using the coupon. All the drinks did not come …with pearl as it costs 50cents extra for the pearl. We did not bother with the pearl.


Nanzaro ordered a Stir Fried Noodle with Beef in Shrimp Paste from the Special Combo. This combo with a drink is $8.50. The beef is tender with a hint of shrimp paste. This dish is oily as it usually is. I find that it lacks the breath of wok (“wok hei”).


Arkensen ordered Roasted Salty Chikcen on Rice on the Special Combo for $9.50. Arkensen commented that the chicken does not look like it’s roasted. It is more like the salt bake chicken that I usually get from Yao Sun Loong Kong Chicken next to Cucina Manila. The chicken is rather boney.


Arkensen’s combo also came with a side dish of his choice besides the drink. He opted for Deep Fried  Spring Roll. It came piping hot.


I ordered a Noodle Combo with Szechuan Spicy Soup with Beef Tendon, Sliced Beef and Beef Ball for $6.95. It came in a large bowl. Other ingredients in this bowl of noodle include fresh bean curd skin, suey choy and mushroom. The broth has a slight hint of numbing spiciness but it’s quite bland.


The boys commented that they dont like the jelly like texture of beef tendon. I told them that the cartilage is good for the complexion of their skin. I guess boys dont care much for that.


It seem like all of us dont have a good appetite today. Look at the leftovers. We asked for the leftover spring roll and stir fried noodle to be packed.


Gin’s Kitchen & Cafe accepts credit card.


Above is their regular menu. You can click on the image to view them larger.


They also have a dessert and snack menu if it’s your cup of tea.

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Sunday to Thursday: 11AM to 11PM
Friday and Saturday: 11AM to 12AM

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