Paul’s Kitchen at the Real Canadian Superstore, No 3 Road, Richmond

I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone on a weekend. So, I suggested lunch at Paul’s Kitchen on No. 3 Road where the Real Canadian Store is. I need to do some groceries shopping after lunch.


The entrance is through the parking lot of the Real Canadian Superstore. This is a hole in the wall Hong Kong style cafe.


Paul’s Kitchen seats about 30. You order and pay at the counter. Food will be served to your table.


Like most Hong Kong style cafe, some of the meals come with a drink. However, the cold drink here has two sizes. For a regular cold drink, an extra 50 cents is charged. There is an extra large cold drink version where an extra $1 is charged. Arkensen had the extra large ice milk tea and is served in those bubble tea plastic cup where the top is sealed. Arkensen commented it to be so Asian.


Arkensen ordered his favourite Hong Kong style cafe dish which is Satay Beef and Instant Noodle. Food is served in disposal container here. Arkensen said the satay beef here is very flavourful, unlike other places. I tried some of the broth and agreed with him. The broth has a much stronger spice flavour.


Arkensen also likes the instant noodle which is al-dante. This noodle and drink combo is … $4.50 with the extra $1 for the drink added in.


I had a simple Milk and Butter Toast with hot milk tea. The tea is pretty strong flavour which is good. My toast and drink combo is just $2.50.


Nanzaro ordered his favourite Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice which is $9.50. This does not come with a drink. It was a big serving though.


We could actually smelled the fragrance of the salted fish when the chef was cooking this. Come to think of it, the price for this dish is not that cheap compare with those you get from the Richmond Public Market which is $6.50 with equally big serving.

Paul’s Kitchen is definitely a convenient place to have a quick bite of comfort food when you need to shop at the Real Canadian Superstore.

Anyway, the meal came up to $20 including tips. Paul’s Kitchen accepts cash only.


You can click on the menu above to have a larger view.


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  1. Joanne

    I’ve been eating at Paul’s since they were at Parker Place. You should try their minced pork with Mui Choy. It’s delicious!

  2. LotusRapper

    It’s pretty amazing what a little place/kitchen like Paul’s can crank out in terms of # of dishes and their variety. I’ve eaten there a few times and was never disappointed. However given HK BBQ Master is right next door, usually the allure (or is that tractor beam ?) of BBQ meats pull me over to HKBBQM (except on Wednesdays when they’re closed) ! 🙂

  3. Andy

    This Paul’s Kitchen actually used to operate at Parker Place many years ago. My best buddy and I used to enjoy their food while checking out girls at Parker Place…then they were gone and someone else took over their stall. One day we stumble upon this place and we were thrilled it was the same old owner from Parker.

    1. LotusRapper

      @Andy, the current location in the parkade isn’t great for checking out girls …….

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