Want Want Hot & Spicy House and Fresh Elements in Yaohan, Richmond

It’s lunch time on a Sunday. The boys wanted some comfort food and suggested to go to Yaohan Center food court.


It’s been quite a while since we last visited the Yaohan Center food court. The boys went straight to the Curry House stall for their comfort food. Arkensen ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice while Nanzaro had the Char Koay Teow.

I walked around to look for something for myself. The Want Want Hot & Spicy House caught my attention. The name sounded familiar. Apparently, there is a similar name stall in Crystal Mall.

Upon checking with the server, I was told that this stall had opened for business in Yaohan Center for a year.


My attention was caught by the photos of noodles in hotpot on the wall, especially the red hot on the right.


But, I did not order that. I ordered the Lamb Noodle instead. I love lamb. The server asked me if I want it spicy and if I want cilantro with it. Of course, my answer is yes for both. The lamb noodle is $7.75.


When the server collected payment from me, she asked for $10.75. I looked puzzled …and she told me that there is a $3 deposit for the pot which is refundable upon return.


The Lamb Noodle portion was huge. There was generous amount of lamb slices in it. There were also bok choy, spinach and peanuts besides lots of cilantro. The broth was pretty flavourful with detectable lamb flavour. I enjoyed it.


While waiting for my order, I noticed that you can have hot pot with your own choice of ingredients. The charges go by weight. I will try the make your own hot pot next time. You can click on the above photo to have a larger view.


Above are the ingredients that you can select for the make your own hotpot.


Arkensen and Nanzaro also ordered bubble tea from the above new stall called Fresh Elements which is just by the main entrance to the food court.


Fresh Elements offers Buy 1 Get 1 Free during their grand opening specials.


With the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion, the above two bubble teas were just $3.99 plus tax.

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  1. cmee8

    Hi Suanne,

    Though the boys have been here since they were toddlers, their choice of chicken rice n kway teow are very Malaysian 🙂

  2. Richard

    The chicken rice and chow kwai tew are Singaporean.

    1. angeline

      Chris is right…..Char Kway Teow is from Penang.As for Hainanese chicken rice, Singapore n Malaysia have their own versions of this dish.

  3. Chris

    Pardon me Richard, Chicken rice (as in Hainan Chicken rice) and char-koay-teow are from Penang.

  4. Shmoo

    Haven’t been to Yaohan in ages. Just about time to mke a return visit. Can anyone confirm if the hotpots described in this post are the traditional broth kind, or the new-fangled “dry” kind? 🙂

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