Ian Lai’s Asian Inspired Mah Poh Tofu with Multigrain Rice

Ian Lai made a simplified Mah Poh Tofu to be served with some multigrain rice during the Healthy Eating and Fun Cooking demonstration.


Mah Poh Tofu is a popular Szechuan dish. The name came from the old lady with pocked marked who sell this dish along the street.


  • multigrain rice
  • 200g ground pork
  • salt to taste
  • 1 package of soft tofu
  • 1 package of Mah Poh tofu seasoning


 Source: Ian Lai

Ian bought the above ingredients from T&T


Asian-Inpired-Mah-Poh-Tofu-with-Multigrain-Rice-2To cook the multi-grain rice, use 2 parts of water to 1 part of multi-grain rice.

Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer until all the liquid is absorbed.

This multi-grain rice has Chinese yam in it.

Asian-Inpired-Mah-Poh-Tofu-with-Multigrain-Rice-3To prepare the Mah Poh tofu, cube the soft tofu and place in a pot of hot water to warm it up. Drain.

Brown the ground pork in a dry frying pan. No oil is needed as the pork will release some grease. Break up the pork with a wooden spoon. Fry until all the moisture is evaporated. This will bring out the sweetness of the meat.

Season the pork with a little salt.


Asian-Inpired-Mah-Poh-Tofu-with-Multigrain-Rice-6Add the soft tofu and the Mah Poh tofu seasoning. Toss gently to combine.

Add some chicken broth or water to moisten it.

Sprinkle with chopped green onions.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    I’ve never seen packages of Mah Poh Tofu seasoning. Could you tell me a brand and place to buy it.

    1. Suanne

      Ian told us that he bought it from T&T Supermarket. I guess you may also find it in other Chinese groceries stores. From the package, I think it’s under Baijia brand.

  2. 3rensho

    What precisely is Mah Poh tofu seasoning??? When I cook it is never out of a package. What is included in that?? Thanks

    1. Suanne

      I did not take a photo of the back of the package. Cant tell you precisely what’s in it. My guess is that there must be some Sichuan peppers and other spices in it. According to Ian, that particular brand is the best that he found so far.

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