U-Pick Strawberries at Bob Featherstone Farm on No. 4 Road, South of Steveston Hwy

Due to the cooler and wet weather this Spring, the strawberries season is delayed this year. The usual season for u pick is middle June but this year, it only starts end of June.


We brought our visiting friend and family to the Bob Featherstone Farm on No. 4 Road, South of Steveston Hwy to pick some strawberries.  This time, the u-pick strawberry farm is located further south than the one we went in earlier years. You can check out our earlier post for other u-pick farms and recipes using strawberries.


The first thing I noticed was the price for u-pick had gone way up. It used to be $1 per pound.


I also found that the row that we were given to pick had lots of weird shape strawberries.


Overall, the strawberries were relatively small on the row that we were given to pick. I noticed that some other rows had bigger ones. Maybe it’s just our luck that day. I also saw that the ready picked strawberries were much bigger and more ripe.

Well, it’s just the experience that we want to share with our visiting friends. They told me that they have such u pick in their home country but they have to drive far to such farm. We are lucky to stay near to farm and have access to local produce.

5 thoughts on “U-Pick Strawberries at Bob Featherstone Farm on No. 4 Road, South of Steveston Hwy

  1. A-ha, something I haven’t done since I was a kid myself (long time ago during last century …..) and one I can take my son to this summer 😀 Thanks for the article, Suanne, hope you guys had fun despite the small-ness of the strawberries you got.

  2. We went last week to the Birak farm in Rmd where it was $1.50/lb n u can pick from anywhere in the vast field. The strawberries were bigger the farther we went.

    • We were directed to go to a specific row and start from a stick which is used as an indicator of where to start. When we finished picking, we just stick the stick in the ground to mark the position of where we stop. If you look closely at the first photo, you can actually see the stick on one of the row.

  3. They say smaller strawberries have more flavor, so you got the best ones! The big ones in grocery stores are grown to withstand being shipped, not for flavor.

  4. We have encountered similar weather and the strawberries are now in full swing. The ones you picked look just fine.

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