Xian Day 1: Breakfast

After checked in to the hotel, we went out to look for our second breakfast.


Not far the hotel, we saw the above steamed buns vendor busy selling steaming hot buns.


We decided to get one to try. It was only RMB1 (about CAD0.15) each. So cheap.


We got one with meat filing. It was very good for CAD0.15.  There were many workers bought the steamed buns to go. We also saw groups of workers exercising before they start work.


We then walked to the Muslim Quarter to look for more food as recommended by the hotel concierge. The food in front of a restaurant caught our attention. It’s some kind of fried rice cake.


After we ordered our food, we were given a number sign at our table. When the server finished delivering our food, she took away the sign. It’s kind of their delivery system.


The above was the fried rice cake that attracted us to this restaurant. It has a mild savory flavour and the texture is like jello, not chewy.


We also ordered a popular noodle dish here to share. It’s called “Lamb Pou Mou”. It is basically thick unleavened bread that is broken into small pieces and cooked in a lamb broth.  I think you can find this in the Richmond Public Market.


The Lamb Pou Mou is served with pickled garlic and chili paste.


The bread soaked up the soup and became very soft. So, eat them fast before they get too soft. Our meal came to RMB24 (CAD4).

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  1. DonaldD

    Xian is a very old city in China and has a lot relics and well worth to visit. for food wise, it is more of peasant food, I was not that impressed. there are few restaurants near the drum tower that are hundred yr old, close by the Muslim street.

  2. Chris

    Loved Xian and I too, love to try the street vendors for 1st brekkie(2nd one is at the hotel!). My fave is the fried onion pancakes, also RMB 1.

  3. Shmoo

    The po mo soup we had in Xian was “peasant food” of the best kind – so simple in concept, but so rich in lamby goodness.

    Hope you guys had lots of fun there. 🙂

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