Xian Day 4: Taking the High Speed Train to Huashan

Day 4 was designated for Huashan which is located 120 kilometers east of  the city of Xian. We took the metro to the high speed railway station from the Zhonglou Zhan (Bell Tower Station).


The metro line in Xian is relatively new. The station is clean and not crowded.


The ticket dispenser. The fare to the high speed railway station is RMB3 (CAD0.50) per person.


You will never find such empty train in Beijing.


The high speed train to Huashan. The fare is RMB55 (about CAD9) per person.


The high speed train ride was comfortable. It was pretty empty too.


The hand washing station outside the washroom. A hand wash before I had my breakfast.


We did not have time for breakfast. So, we bought some food from KFC at the high speed railway station before we boarded the train.

I had an egg and ham pastry with a hot beverage (cannot recall if it’s coffee or tea now).


Ben had a burger (not sure what was the filling) and a hot beverage too. The breakfast came to RMB29 (less than CAD5).


The speed of the train was displayed on board; 290km per hour.


The above was the Huashan high speed railway station. We took a cab from the station to the Huashan Mountain. It cost us RMB20 (about CAD3.50). You have to negotiate the price with the cab driver as the cab did not run on meter.

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