Xian Day 1: Snacking in Muslim Quarter

We snacked along the way during our exploration of the Muslim Quarter.


Pan fried dumplings with various meat.


Look at that big pot of chili paste to go with the pan fried dumplings.


We bought some to try. The dumplings were fried to golden brown and very crispy on the outside. They were RMB8 (about CAD1.35).


We would try anything with the word traditional. Good thing they have English on their sign.


The eight treasure rice pudding is smeared with some sweetish sauce and topped with crushed peanuts. This is RMB2 (CAD0.35).


BBQ quail eggs.


The BBQ quail eggs are served with some savory sauce. RMB3 (CAD0.50) for a skewer of 5.


BBQ lamb skewers.


The BBQ lamb is removed from the skewer and served in a bowl. This was quite pricey, RMB10 (CAD1.70) for a skewer but skewer is quite big.


Ben was having a sore throat during the time we went to Xian. He had a lot of these Pear, Red Dates and Rock Sugar drink. It is RMB5 (CAD0.85) for a cup.


The drink was so hot that we could not hold it with our hands. But it is very good to soothe the throat. We did not find this in Beijing. Perhaps, it’s popular here due to the bad air quality in Xian.


We also explored a street called Scholar Street.


This street is filled with vendors selling brushes and paper and calligraphy artists selling their art work.

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  1. Wanna


    Kudos to you for being so adventurous and tried the street foods. Many aren’t that trusting! I am real big fan, as I found the best food I had in China always come from the street!

  2. LotusRapper

    Those pan fried dumplings and skewers look so good. And cheap !!

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