Xian Day 2: The Great Mosque of Xian

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After the visit to the Drum Tower, we continued our journey to visit The Great Mosque of Xian. The Great Mosque of Xian is the only mosque in China which is opened to visitors.


The Great Mosque of Xian is one of the oldest and largest in China. It is built in 742 during the Tang Dynasty. It was added to the UNESCO Islamic Heritage List in 1985.


The Great Mosque is divided into courtyards and landscaped with garden for a serene stroll.


The Great Mosque was built in Chinese architecture with some Arabic decorations.


This is a three arch stone gateway in the second courtyard.


Can’t recall what is the significance of the above structure.


The Introspection Pavilion or Moon Watching Tower. It is decorated with blue glazed tiles and dragon heads.


The Phoenix Pavilion is the gateway into the fourth courtyard where the main prayer hall is located.


The main prayer hall where prayer services are held five times a day.


A view of the interior of the prayer hall. Non-muslim is not allowed into the prayer hall.


The main doorway into the prayer hall.


There are some citrus trees around the courtyard of the main prayer hall.


Exiting the gateway from the main prayer hall.


The Great Mosque of Xian is located in the middle of the Muslim Quarter. The above are some of the silk vendors which lined the street.

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  1. etranger

    I saw a model of this mosque when I was in KL last year. I hadn’t known before that there were Muslims in China, and for so long.

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