New Spicy Chili Restaurant on No. 3 Road, Richmond

When Ben is around town, he will bring me to Szechuan restaurant as he knows that the chances of me going to one with the boys will be very minimal. The boys will always protest but daddy will overrule them. The funny thing is they usually enjoy the meal most of the time.


We went to New Spicy Chili Restaurant in Richmond. I’m not sure if there is a change of management or just a change of the English name. This restaurant was known to be Golden Spring Szechuan Restaurant. However, the Chinese name remains the same.

Parking is not easy in this strip mall. There is a parking attendant that directs the traffic here.


This restaurant is always busy. The seating in this restaurant is pretty tight.

We do like the menu here which has color photos of the dishes. The servers here mostly speak Mandarin.


For appetizer, Ben ordered the Sliced Beef and Beef Tripe with Special Spicy Sauce. This is a cold dish and costs $13.99. It is garnished with cilantro and crushed peanuts. Although my boys do not like vegetable, they do like cilantro. They enjoy this dish very much.


For the vegetable dish, Ben ordered the Chinese Celery and Smoke Bacon Stirfry.  Besides bacon there were some thinly slice spiced tofu in it too. The boys only picked the bacon to eat while I ate most of the celery. This dish is $16.99.


The boys like lamb. So, Ben ordered a Spicy Chili Lamb. This dish is $14.99. It has leek and green chili (not green bell pepper) in it. The green chili is pretty spicy.


Lastly, the boys were asked to pick another vegetable dish. They opted for Eggplant with Chili and Garlic Sauce. This dish is $13.99. It was quite oily. The boys only like the eggplant and leave the green and red bell peppers behind for me to eat.


It is not cheap eating here as the average price for each dish is above $10.

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  1. 4SlicesofCheese

    Wow your boys have a high spice tolerance already. I didn’t get into spicy foods until I met my girlfriend.

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