Want Want Hot & Spicy House at Crystal Mall

Ben brought me to Crystal Mall for lunch on one of the weekend that he was in town. He knew that I’m too lazy to drive all the way to Burnaby by myself.


The new item in the Want Want Hot & Spicy House stall caught our attention. They serve dry hot pot now. Yeah, my favourite dish.


You pick the ingredients and it is charged by weight. Although the poster above said minimum order is 300g, I remembered the server told us the minimum order is 400g. Besides the ingredients, you have a choice on the main to go with it; ranges from rice to various noodles. You also have a choice of the level of spiciness.


Our plate above came to $11.20. My choice of main was broad potato noodles and the second highest spiciness which is “da la”.


It was just what I wanted, numbing spicy and the various vegetables gave this dish different textures from crunchy to slippery. The tofu sticks and various tofu products absorb all the spiciness from the condiments.


I like the wide potato noodles texture but apparently Ben did not like this type of noodle. Maybe next time, I will try the rice cake for the main. I will definite order the same from the Want Want Hot & Spicy House in Yaohan.


After lunch, we wondered around the market area and saw a stall selling icy dessert has an item called Cendol Ice. We love cendol from Malaysia. We bought one to try and it’s a disappointment. The cendol is actually made of jello and the colour is so artificial. Besides the so called cendol, there are also red beans, green beans, corns and “leong fun” (black jello). It’s not bad but just that we were expecting something different. The drink was $4.25.

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  1. joyce

    Mmm the dry hot pot actually looks really good. =9 I might want to try it next time.

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