Ladies Lunch at HML Seafood Restaurant, Richmond

Emily, Lorna, Marian and I met up for lunch at HML in summer. The original plan was to meet at Northern Chinese Cuisine but unfortunately it is closed on Wednesday which we were not aware of. So, we changed our meeting place to HML .


HML was busy even on a weekday. Tea is free here and there is a 20% off for all dim sum items every day.


Emily and Lorna had ordered a few items as me and Marian were running late. The first item was Steamed Rice with Chicken, Lily Flower and Fungus. This is $5.80.


Lorna ordered a Fish Head and Tofu Hotpot. It is a herbal soup dish. This is $8.80.


The next dish was Country Fried Vermicelli. It was a big serving with prawns and pork. This is $6.80.

We ordered a few more items, mostly dim sum items when Marian and daughter arrived.


Lorna ordered a Deep Fried Spring Roll with Garlic Paste for Marian’s daughter in mind. The spring roll skin is very crispy. This is $4.50.


Lorna also ordered a Pan Fried Fish Cake which is a new item on the menu. This is $4.50. This is just so so.


I picked a Taro and Pumpkin Layers Cake which sounded interesting. This is also a new item and it is $4.50. The taro layer was pan fried to crispy.


The next dim sum item is Dumplings with Pork, Dried Shrimp and Leek. Marian and daughter enjoyed this dim sum. It has a crispy outer layer too. It is $3.95.


Lorna picked another rice dish for Marian’s daughter as she just came from her martial art practice. We had the Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat for $6.80. It was a big serving but there was not a lot of preserved meat.


Lastly, I ordered a Baked Durian Puff Pastry for dessert. I thought Marian and daughter will enjoy this since durian is available in Philippines too. To our surprise, this is the first time Marian’s daughter try durian and unfortunately, she did not like it.


HML accepts credit card.


You can click on the  menu for a larger view.

HML Seafood Restaurant 明月樓海鮮酒家 on UrbanspoonBusiness Hour

7 days a week

Dim Sum: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Dinner: 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm

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  1. Kai

    It’s just a marketing gimmick to offer 20% at all time so customers would have an illusion that they are paying less and somehow it does work.

  2. Kenny

    I’ve calculated the bill and it is not 20% discount! it is only 10%!!

    1. Suanne

      Hi Kenny, most of the dim sum restaurant only apply the discount to dim sum items only, not kitchen specials and other dishes.

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