Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Snacks from Night Market

After the BKT dinner, my father and my brother, Pong brought us to a nearby night market. Night market usually runs in an area once a week. We can’t miss out the opportunity to go.


The above is a favourite kueh of Ben. It’s called “jin loong bao”. It is a batter cooked in a flat round pan topped with ground peanuts, sugar and butter. Some also have sweet corns.


This was the bigger version which will be cut up into wedges. RM0.90 (CAD0.30)  per slice.


This version is thicker and softer. I prefer the individual serving type which is thinner and crisper.


We also bought a bag of freshly squeezed cane sugar juice to share. It was RM1.30 (CAD0.45). Drinks are usually served in plastic bag with a corner tied with raffia string for holding. I guess this the cheapest packaging method. 


We also bought some other kueh for snacking.  The rest of the kueh was RM4.70 (about CAD1.60). The above were some huge onde-onde.


It was filled with palm sugar shredded coconut.


Next were large mochi like kueh.


These were filled with coarsely chopped peanuts and sugar.


Another Ben’s favourite. I cant recall it’s name.


It’s glutinous rice topped with palm sugar shredded coconut and wrapped with banana leaf.


This is how Ben eats it. He will split the palm sugar shredded coconut from the glutinous rice. He then divides both into 4 equal portions. He likes to eat each portion in one bite.

6 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Day 1: Snacks from Night Market

  1. Kue Onde-onde. I wondered where it origin’s. I had it in north Sulawesi Indonesia, but could not find it in Jakarta or any where in Java.

  2. Now I am really getting home sick. All these delicious kueh and snacks! Will have to endure the “torture” untill next year. Thanks again for sharing.

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