Kuala Lumpur Day 7: Seafood Dinner

Ben and I had dinner with my sister and family. They live in Puchong which was quite a distance from Kuala Lumpur. My younger brother who lives with my sister picked us from our hotel after work.


Khoo, my brother-in-law brought us to a seafood restaurant for dinner. The above was a complimentary snack before dinner.


This Tuck Fook Seafood Restaurant is famous for it’s crab dishes. The above is cheese mushroom crab. It was super rich.


We had some deep fried bun to soak up the delicious sauce from our meal.


The cheese mushroom sauce was almost dessert like.


Another crab dish, butter curry leaves crab. I’m salivating reliving the meal when writing this.


Salted egg yolk crab, finger licking goodness.


Deep fried tofu cube with spice salt was served piping hot.


This melt in your mouth morsel is served with sweet chili sauce.


We had garlic stir fried potato leaves to balance our meal.


Lastly, a sour and spicy steamed fish to round up the seafood meal. Khoo, thank you for buying the dinner.

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  1. DoubleOO

    Those crab dishes look delicious and make me salivating too.

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