Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Nyonya Cuisine Dinner

Ben and I had dinner with my family again. This time, my brother, Yew treated us to a restaurant serving nyonya cuisine.


Nyonya cuisine is also known as peranakan cuisine. It’s a unique blend of Chinese and Malay cuisine.


The above was a tofu hot pot, mainly for the kids as their tolerance to spicy food is not there yet. Now, I had to say that I hate restaurant with reddish lighting. The photos just do not come out right.


Sambal kangkung (a spicy water spinach stir fried dish).


Soy sauce prawns.


Another tofu dish with minced pork.


Some kind of chicken wings dish. I do not remember eating this as the kids gobbled them up in no time.


A spicy squid dish.


A sour and spicy steamed fish.


Green bean dessert soup to end the meal.

One thought on “Kuala Lumpur Day 8: Nyonya Cuisine Dinner

  1. That is a meal that is bringing back good memories. Nice representation of Nonya. Just missing a nice Chili Crab.

    We are always happy when we can find kangkung here.

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