Kuala Lumpur Day 4: Wonton Noodle Breakfast

After attending to family matters, Ben’s sister brought us out for a late breakfast. Since we had not recovered from food poisoning yet, we had something light.


I had wonton noodle with “jar yoke”. “Jar yoke” was a dish which my grandmother used to make at home. It’s made with pork belly marinated in five spices which were deep fried and braised with wood ear and sour cabbage. I wish I had learned how to make it from her.


The noodles here were not exactly like the wonton noodles we get in Vancouver. These were thicker.


Ben had wonton noodles with braised chicken feet and mushrooms.


The chicken feet were plump and the skin fell off the bone when you placed it in your mouth.


Ben must have chili to go with his noodles. He would not abstain from spicy food even his stomach did not agree.


We also had a bowl of “sui gow” to share. Sui gow is the big brother of wonton. The meal was RM16.40 (CAD5.50). It was my sister-in-law’s treat.

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