Kuala Lumpur Day 5: Dinner at Hawkers Center

We went to the hawkers center near Carefour in Kepong for dinner.


The hawkers center is open air with stalls lining both sides of the seating area. It’s a great place to dine out as there are so many choices.


I had a kaya bao for snack earlier. It was RM1.60 (CAD0.55).


Ben had papaya which is commonly sold in long slim plastic bag. It was $1.00 (CAD0.35).


In the hawkers center, I picked a claypot chicken rice with the doctor’s advice in mind. It had salted fish too. It was RM6.00 (CAD2.00). I cant believe it’s so cheap.


Ben took the doctor’s advice lightly. He went for the fish head curry hot pot. The curry fish head hot pot had vegetables like long beans and cabbage. This was RM13.00 (CAD4.50).

Ironically, we did not need to make a run for the bathroom after the visit to the doctor.

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