Kuala Lumpur Day 4: Pan Mee Dinner

Ben’s sister brought us to a Pan Mee restaurant for dinner.


The above dry pan mee is the restaurant’s specialty. Ben and his sister had that.


Not sure what was the above crispy bits, perhaps shallots and garlic. They were great.


Fried anchovies are a must ingredients for pan mee. In fact, the broth is made from simmering anchovies.


The home made fried chili was so good that we asked if the restaurant sells it. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale. Otherwise, I will buy some to bring home for Nanzaro.


I had pan mee in soup. It came with similar fixings like anchovies, poached egg, ground pork, tofu skin and potato leaves. The anchovies lost their crunch in the soup.


The noodles were in strands and not the hand torn ones. The hand torn type will have more texture due to inconsistent thickness.


We had barley water for drinks. Thank you Ling for buying.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    What interesting looking food. Do we have a restaurant in the Vancouver area with these dishes?

    1. Shmoo

      I’ve encountered Pan Mee at Cafe D’Lite as a rotating special, but I don’t know the schedule when it’s offered.

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