Kuala Lumpur Day 6: Fish Head Curry Lunch at Kampong Pandan Restaurant

Near noon, Ben decided to walk over to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for lunch.


Fish head curry was what he had in mind. Kampong Pandan restaurant is one of the popular place to go for fish head curry.


A platter of fish head curry. There are wash stations for customers to wash their hands before and after fish head curry as most locals will eat with their hands.


Ben said eating fish head curry is like a surgeon at surgery. One has to gently dissect the head to get all the meat out.


Papadam for dipping into the curry.


When our food arrived, the server also brought along the above omelette which we did not order. Do not be afraid to tell the server to bring it back if you did not order it. It’s how the restaurant tries to get you order more food.


I had a young coconut juice to cool off the mid day heat.


The young coconut flesh can be scrapped off from the inside of the coconut with a spoon to be eaten.

The meal was RM66.70 (CAD22). We decided to take a cab back to our hotel after lunch as it started to pour.

4 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur Day 6: Fish Head Curry Lunch at Kampong Pandan Restaurant

  1. I don’t think those omelette are free as in China, they always serve you some small dishes of spiced or pickled vegetables, nuts what not, those are extra at the billing.

  2. I’ve been following your blog
    For 2 years now. I’m heading to Malaysia in a few weeks. Your blog has been very informative.

    I’m very worried about getting food poisoning or sick. Do you have any tips on avoiding food sickness?


    Ps i know rhis isn’t a travel advice blog so no need to answer.

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