Kuala Lumpur Day 6: More KLCC and snacks

After breakfast, we went for a walk at the surrounding area while it’s still cooling in the morning.


A view of the city skyline.


A different view of the Petronas twin towers. There is a reflecting pool and an island with lush palm trees.


The reflection of the twin towers in the pool.


The skybridge which was part of a scene in the movie Entrapment.


The jogging trail which Ben and I used to frequent after work when there was massive traffic jam after a down pour.


The reflection of the photographer.


Wading pool surrounded by lush greens.


These pools are families favourite places to cool off during weekends.


The best is it’s free.


Another view of the twin towers through lush trees.


As the day progress, it got hotter. We decided to go back into the KLCC shopping mall to do window shopping instead.


We came across a dessert place called Tong Pak Fu with a life size portrait of a Hong Kong tv chef by the name “Ah So”. It captured my attention immediately and we went in for a dessert. We ordered a Track a Durian Snow Ice to share. When it came, it sure brought the aroma of durian. The shaved ice is super fine. It is accompanied with some mochi and chin chau (black jelly). This was RM10.40 (about CAD3.50).


Then we came across the above Garrett popcorn shop.


We ordered a Garret Chicago Mix to munch. It was RM16.00 (CAD5.25) for a small one. Quite expensive to local standard.


Lastly, we bought a Japanese cheesecake from Isetan for RM3.30 (CAd1.10).

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  1. Maggie

    Wow on the price of the Chicago Mix! Our Costco sells a 737g bag for $5.89 US.

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