Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Lunch at Nasi Lemak Brilliant

For the last day of our trip, Ben and I had breakfast at the hotel.


We picked up some Seri Muka kueh for tea time.


Ben’s sister brought us to Nasi Lemak Brilliant for lunch. It’s a franchise restaurant. Ben’s sister had Hainanese Chicken Rice which came with bean sprouts and fish ball soup on the side.


Here’s a close look at the Hainanese chicken. We did not try it, so cannot make any comment.


I did noticed that the root end of the bean sprouts were removed for better presentation.


I had nasi lemak again despite I had it for breakfast. The above is the signature dish of the restaurant. A whole deep fried chicken leg, squid sambal, prawn sambal and extra sambal.


Ben had a laksa noodle.


Look at the cockles which came raw.


Ice White Coffee for me.


Ice “Lin Ji Gerng” , a dessert soup for Ben. Lots of stuff in this dessert soup; lychee, snow fungus, mochi, candid melon strips, etc.

Our meal came to RM35.20 (slightly less than CAD12). Thanks, Ling for buying.

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