Kuala Lumpur Day 7: Mamak Stall Supper

Although Ben and I were really stuff after the seafood dinner, we decided to explore mamak stalls in Kepong for supper. Time is running out quickly for this visit.


After searching for sometime, we settled at one of the mamak stall. This was the only one with banana hanging in the stall.  I was looking for my favourite supper dish.

We had iced tea for drinks as it’s still hot despite it’s already past 11:00 pm.


Well, this was what I’m looking for. It is roti pisang. It is roti canai filled with banana. The curry dipping sauce was not necessary but it gives a different dimension to the sweet roti.


Ben had spicy Mee Goreng. This had cockles in it, a bonus for Ben.


A very satisfied diner. One item checked off my list.

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  1. Sedap Makan

    I think there is a business opportunity to import the cockles. Maybe they don’t freeze well. So many dishes here can not replicate the Malaysian food properly without them.

    I’ve never tried Roti pisang. sounds interesting and less greasy than the goring pisang.

  2. Philip

    99 Ranch Market in Northern California sells the frozen cockles (shells intact). Since it is in the US market, I would presume it may be sold in Canada too. I’ve not tried it yet. Therefore, unable to evaluate the cockles quality. They do look very clean, vacuum-packed in plastic bag.

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