Kuala Lumpur Day 12: Snacks

My brother in law picked Ben and I up from Kepong after work. They live nearer to the KLIA. We had a late night flight back to Vancouver.


On the way to his house, he stopped by a popular street stall selling deep fried snacks.


Deep fried bananas with crunchy batter.


Kueh Kodok (banana fritters) which is also made with banana which has been mashed and mixed with some flour, oats, etc.


Deep fried Nian Gao sandwich by taro. Love the crunchy batter, the creamy taro and the goey sweet glutinous rice cake filing.


While in sister’s place, she steamed some fish cracker called Lekor from Terengganu (east coast of Penisula Malaysia). This was the fresh version and not deep fried version. Best served with chili sauce.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Mmmm !

    I’ve always wondered why deep-fried foods are more prevalent in hotter parts of the world ? Is it because deep frying helps keep foods last longer (the batter coating provides “protection” from external oxidation and pests) ?

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